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We are not just experts in consulting. We are successful serial entrepreneurs that have tested thoroughly what actually works.

20+ Years Of Experience

From multi-billion energy projects to large scale property development, we have done it all and at any scale!

Our Services

We are not just consultants, we are also entrepreneurs that have taken companies from zero to seven figure revenue. We know what it takes to succeed at every stage of the journey.


We can help you with all your financial needs, including asset valuations, acquisitions, investment decisions and so much more. Make informed decisions based on accurate projections.

Branding and Marketing

How good is your product and service is irrelevant if you don't have a brand and marketing to support it. A memorable positive name and efficient marketing can do miracles for your business.

Business Counsel

Let us be your source for the second opinion (or first) on your ideas, strategy and implementation. Know all your options and their long term consequences, risks involved and mitigation strategies.

Why Choose Us

By working with us, you can ensure that all your efforts are aligned towards the same goal with clarity and consistency.


High Success Rate

We start by gaining deep understanding of your business and vision. Then we draw the optimal path to achieve your goals.


The Solutions That Work

We make sure our advice is well thought through, planned, and well-tested.

Branding & Rebranding

Brands should never be an afterthought. They should reflect the vision of founders and shareholders for the business and be relatable to all customers and stakeholders. The branding services are provided via our company Rightbrand LLC. We often provide the pre-packaged brands that include the company logo, its identity and matching .com domain.

Case Study 1

We helped branding Elix Magazine. Their vision is creating an online and print publication that brings the essence of various topics to readers instead of narrow specialization. So we came up with the beautiful name, Elix, that is short for Elixir. We also helped them securing the exact match domain with

Case Study 2

We are currently helping a client with establishing a luxury brand that will stand for the highest quality products made in Europe. Belg uses highest quality materials, works with the best artisans. We have already secured the Belg brand name and the matching domain:


What Customers Say

We take pride in exceeding the expectations of our clients, who are more like partners to us.

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