Rice cake is your best bet for this purpose. Other close substitutes are plain toast and whole grain cereal. But, be sure about the calorie count. If you are not an ice cream person or cannot stand the taste of vanilla then you can easily replace it with fruit flavoured yogurt, strawberry flavoured almond milk, apple juice or apple sauce.

Military Diet results can be extremely positive if write my research paper online follow it religiously for a proper time span. You can easily achieve the target of losing up to 10 pounds a week or up to 30 pounds per month. Want to know the best part of this diet. This 3 day diet helps you to lose weight instantly which motivates most of the dieters to go ahead with this diet. Also, you will not gain weight back when you are on the military diet plan. Military diet facilitates healthy weight loss i. This is because every meal of the military diet is a low-calorie meal with a proper mix of carbohydrates, proteins and dietary fat which aids fast burning of fats.

So, with the Military or American Heart Association Three Day Diet plan menu and the 3-Day Detox Plan, you can easily burn all that extra fat and calories. Make sure to follow write my research paper online specified points while performing these diet plans. The Military or AHA 3-Day Diet plan provides amazing results, so let us know of your experiences in this regard.

If you want to lose weight in 3 days or very quickly you must try out the three day military diet for best results. After 3 days of following the military diet, you are free to resume your usual diet. But make it a point not to overindulge in food. You do have to take a little physical exercise along with this diet. However, do not go for heavy exercises as you will be short of energy in this duration. This dietary pattern has been specifically structured to enable you to lose weight in 3 days. You cannot make any additions to the prescribed diet. This is applicable not just to protein drinks, but also to any food not mentioned in the diet plan.

I just completed the 3-day dietary regimen. How much time should I wait before taking up the military diet again. You must wait for minimum 4 days before you can again undergo the military diet. This is a must for getting re-energized as well as for restoring proper metabolism. I am into the 2nd day of the diet and am feeling as if my complete energy has been depleted. Should I stop it. Well, the most likely cause of this is, you have been totally accustomed to consuming excess calories daily. And now, you embarked on a rapid weight loss program where, the calories taken in are obviously very low.

Just persevere and you will be fine. Do not give up. This program is concerned only with losing weight by drastically reducing the calorie intake. It has nothing to do with smoking cessation. But please note that, giving up smoking is always good, whether you are following any diet plan or notYes. It is a tried and tested one and you need not have any doubt about that. The plan is being followed since the past 3 decades and, there are several people around who testify its effectiveness.

The foods that are there in the plan together alter your body metabolism in such a way that there is acceleration of the rate at which the fat gets burnt. Provided you take the 4-day break after sticking to the diet, there is no restriction at all. You can take it as many times as you want. Assuming that you follow all the vital aspects, you can look forward to losing around 10 pounds in the 3-day span. I have completed the 3 day diet plan for 3 weeks. Not only did I lose 23 lbs, my blood sugars are down between 5-7, they have never been this low in 3 yrs.

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