Reply Serving size of soup for each meal is 180-200ml. Reply I was wondering if on Day 1 and 3 if I wanted to blend the fruit and add water for a smoothie, could I use frozen fruit. Reply Reply Starting the diet tomorrow, weight right now is 143 pounds, hoping to slim down to 135-139, will comment results, wish me luck. Can I blend the fruit on day 1 and 3 to make smoothies using water please. Reply Reply I cannot tolerate milk or cottage cheese. It also says for a substitute - eventually Activa what does that mean Thank tou Reply The question in the comments was about adding almond milk to black coffee which is not allowed, milk is allowed on day 4.

Reply My husband write my research paper for money I are starting this diet together in a couple of days. Reply You can use the shake but use water instead of soy milk. Reply Can I drink Smooth Move tea while on the GM diet. Reply Reply I just want to say Thank you so much for taking the time to answer literally hundreds of questions for us. Reply Reply did the soup that I made have something to do with me losing only five and a half pounds because the recipe that I use cause for Campbell Soup it was a cabbage soup recipe I ate the fruits that was recommended the vegetables that was recommended I went exactly by the diet the water the only thing that I did was took a biotin every morning as I did before I started the diet Reply Can you take vitamins and supplements on this diet.

Reply Reply Reply Reply Can I use Braggs liquis aminos for soup flavoring. Reply Reply On tomato day I was starving at the end of it and I ate all 6 tomatoes. Reply You can have another bowel of GM soup during the day if you feel hungry. Reply When it says soup for breakfast, how much soup is allowed. Is that going to affect anything?. Reply Also, how many days do I have to wait to repeat the diet?. Reply How write my research paper for money beans can you eat on day two and do you eat any beans on day three. Reply Reply Can I eat tofu or tempeh on day 5 and 6.

Thank you so much for ur answer. Reply Reply Can vegetables be oven roasted with 0 calorie cooking spray and mrs dash. Reply Reply Reply Reply How about Campbells Tomato juice cans. Reply how about yogurt flavored of fruits subtitutes for fruits in day 1. Reply Reply On day 5 write my research paper for money you mix the tomatoes with any of the following… Cilantro, basil, oregano, salt, pepper, lime juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, quinoa. Reply Reply Are any canned beans allowed. Reply Reply So is a can of black beans ok as long as there is no sugar in them.

Reply Reply Starting day 4. Reply I had similar results. Reply Reply Reply Hi in day 5 can I add some eggs. Reply Reply Reply You can, but it may reduce the efficiency of the diet. Reply Cabbage- red Cabbage or regular. Onions- red, white, or sweet. Reply Reply Do I have to eat the soup or can I substitute it for something else. Reply Can I add Stevia and Almond Milk to my black coffee. Can I have diet soda. Reply You can use Stevia but avoid almond milk.

Diet soda is not allowed. Reply morning of day 7 and have gained. Reply Day eight weigh in, at 149. Reply how much watermelon should be consumed in place of the tomatoes. Reply Reply Hi, For bananas and milk day do I have to eat all of the bananas. Reply I have a question. Lol Reply Yes, bananas will raise your blood sugar.

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