By dinnertime, I would imagine that you are starving, but sorry - no relief. For lunch, a hard-boiled egg, a cup of cottage cheese and 5 saltine crackers with coffee or tea. Dinner is two hot dogs no bunsbroccoli one cup and carrots half a cuphalf a banana and of course a cup of ice cream. Day Three: 1100 CaloriesBreakfast: Just 5 saltine crackers, a slice of cheddar cheese and an apple.

Lunch is one egg hard-boiled and a slice of toast and the ultimate meal, for dinner on the third day - brace yourself, is one cup of tuna, a cup of vanilla ice cream and half a banana. Now, I am not totally against a short, write my papersin canada crash diet for quick results. You should get checked out by a health professional to make sure that you are fit and healthy before you start any weight loss plan. I would like to point write my papersin canada the following areas about the Military diet that concern me as a doctor:-May lead to increased weight gain in the long term.

Furthermore there is plenty of evidence that suggests that dieting especially yo-yo dieting actually leads to weight gain in the long term. So, you may be looking good following the Military diet but you could end up heavier than when you started. What about the nutritional Content of the diet, Doc. I find the nutritional content of the military diet slightly concerning too.

For example, hot dog sausages highly processed meat are part of one of the main meals of the military diet. The hot dog is NOT a nutrient-rich meat to take, particularly when consuming a low-calorie diet. Furthermore, the American Institute of Cancer Research AICR analysed over 7,000 research studies and concluded that hot dogs increase your risk for colorectal cancer. Ice cream, although containing some of the nutrients found in dairy products like protein, calcium and various vitamins, is loaded with both saturated fats and sugar.

Saltine crackers are hardly nutrient-rich either. They are very low in calories but are also low in healthy nutrients and high in sodium and unhealthy trans fats. Have you ever eaten cardboard, Moose. Well maybe once or twice when I was very hungry. The 3 day Military Diet plan is NOT a healthy long term plan. The 3 day military diet does not encourage people to develop long-term healthy eating habits. Furthermore, no exercise is incorporated into the diet plan which may lead to loss of muscle mass rather than fat.

As a medical practitioner I would be more inclined to advocate small changes for weight loss or adopt a long-term eating plan such as the Mediterranean diet that is scientifically proven to be heart healthy with numerous health benefits. Now let me tell you unless you are a fully trained SEAL or have undergone Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape SERE training you are in for a tough 3 days. The military diet promises you rapid weight loss of about 10 pounds in one week - not surprising when you really look at the amount of food allowed. So, armed with a black coffee in one hand and a slice of peanut butter toast in the other - let the diet begin.

At least the coffee gave me a bit of a buzz on an empty stomach even though it was a little bitter without milk and sugar. Stevia, a plant-based sweetener, is allowed if you usually take your coffee with sugar but not artificial sweeteners. I was hoping it would feel like food had been eaten but my stomach was wiser than I had thought and now seemed to be turning like a broken washing machine. This was probably the smallest lunch I have ever eaten in my life. By dinnertime I genuinely felt that I had not eaten a thing.

Despite more copious amounts of water, a throbbing headache was beginning to set in. My energy levels had plummeted. Dinner was a combination of meat for protein, a small apple and a cupful of green beans. There was one tiny, shining light in this ordeal, which was the small, bowl of creamy, sugary ice cream. I felt slightly better after that for about 10 minutes.

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