Amazing diet simple and you have all nutrition in them. No starvation diet like others. I recomended to many of my friends and are happy eith resultsI'm super excited to start this diet I need to lose 50 pounds so I hope this works!!. I also started exercising daily. I agree with Sandra. A lot of good questions but no answers. A friend is not allowed to eat grapefruit. I have tried this 3 day diet and it is absolutely safe and IT WORKS!!.

I an trying this again. I don't really care write my paper hot dogs though and cottage cheese but I substitute the for the other food mentioned. Other than that, it is absolutely terrific diet. Started yesterday and I've already lost five pounds. But for some reason I've had to pee sooooo much. Like all the time. But I've been drinking a lot of water so.

Also, I am a hypoglycemic, so I can't just go around starving waiting for dinner. So I sort of cheated and every once in a while had a peice of plain toast with peanut butter on top. If you're absolutely starving don't not eat and torture yourself. Just eat something really small to tie you over till dinner. I also got confused and for green beans and Brussels sprouts instead of string beans and beats bc I didn't know what beets looked like.

And, I cooked them in a lot of garlic and butter and they were great and I still lost five pounds the first day. I also substituted a few things by accident, but it still worked. For those concerned about the grapefruit because of medications: You can absolutely have half a grapefruit. It will not kill you to have half a grapefruit one time. I'm a clinical pharmacist. Eating grapefruit can cause certain medications to take longer to metabolize through your body, but one day is NOT going to be a problem.

Worst case scenario, you can half your tablet the day you eat the grapefruit write my paper if it's a stating drug, you can skip that day. Honestly, it's not a dangerous drug interaction for one day. I have done this diet since the 70's and it works. I only loose like 6 pounds but I have a little cream with the coffee. The best thing is the ice cream it satisfied your sweet at night. Excellent diet and short term,it works and follow it with a healthy diet the rest of the week. In the1990's I followed this diet every spring from March to May and by June I would be 12 pounds lighter!.

On the 4th day my stomach would feel so shrunken that I'd eat light that day on my own and I'd eat whatever I wanted in the weekends!. I'm half way through day 3 only evening meal to go and i've lost. I haven't cheated at all : This diet is very similar to the military diet. If you google the military diet, they will give you substitutions for anything that you don't like. I personally write my paper this diet though because it gives you a little bit more food to eat.

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