How often do writ hit the gym. ReplyReplyReply After reading this article and complete thread I embarked on the plan wrtie monday, going well so far. ThanksReply How much weight can you lose on this diet. ThanksReply Well, I have been on this diet only for a week now and lost seven pounds already. Reply Thanks for this diet. Reply I have a question.

ThanksReply Hi Victor great article. Reply How can I marinate my steak with what kind of spices. Reply I went on this diet for a little over a month getting ready for football season. Reply Hey Vic, just wondering, what kind of steak do you usually buy. Reply Ribeyes, t-bones and strips are usually what end up in my belly. Reply Is it easy to keep mental focus researcu on this diet. Drite like this blog, keep it up man. Reply You absolutely need to find some real butter, margarine in poison.

ReplyReply Is there something that butter adds to this diet…better than stuff like olive oil or grapeseed oil. Also how about steak eggs and bacon would that be okayReply Steak, eggs and bacon is fine. Reply Thanks for all the help so far Victor. Reply Milk has no business in the steak and eggs diet. Reply Vic, Do you need a high level of activity for this. Can I drink massive amounts of alcohol on my cheat day. Why do you recommend steak. Can I get results eating ground beef. Reply Uncle Vic, I love your site and everything you stand for.

Reply Yes, mutton would be the most suitable substitute for beef. Reply I was wondering if you can substitute something for eggs if your allergic or wrtie bad reactions to them. Reply Steaks and eggs are great for rising T levels. Reply I workout on a one day on, one day off schedule. Reply I was curious if one was to replace butter with coconut oil is that still suitable. Reply Can I drink Diet pop and or grapefruit juice on this.

And on my write my paper write my research paper day can I have a few beers. Reply Hey guys, A friend told me about this diet today and reading this helped a lot. Is this diet only to lose weight as in overweight people write my paper write my research paper will it help me look even better. ThanksReply I am 59 years old. Reply Really want to do this diet. KarenReplyReply Hi Victor, Not asking for medical advice just would like to know your opinion. Reply Quick question, you cooked them in butter, but do you eat extra butter, or do you pour the one which cooked them in.

Reply No extra butter, but I do pour the butter from the pan onto the steak when finished cooking. ReplyReply Hey Victor,what do you think about eat whole eggs without cook. Reply Need some help, whenever you have the time, Victor. Trying to get rid of it. I refeed at Sundays.

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