I didn't always prepare my lemonade fresh, which at times made it too acidic. I often added too much lemon, which gave my mouth a burning sensation, and I added too much cayenne, which, again, I hated. After I came off the cleanse, I seemed to write my paper reviews the right proportions, and when I prepared the lemonade with the right amount of lemon and maple syrup which is what I wrote in the recipe for you write my paper reviews drank it fresh instead of storing it in the fridge and drinking it lateit was much better.

I reinforce this as probably the main reason I couldn't hold it. In my desire to lose more weight, I used so little maple syrup that I basically starved myself and didn't last. It's a mistake I honestly don't advise anyone making. The migraines I experienced on this diet were the worst of my life. However, the migraines could have been caused by a combination of coffee withdrawal and jumping into an all-liquid diet after days of Christmas food-bad idea.

If you are to do this, take it easy and prepare yourself. Apparently all of this is explained in the book, which, again, I never bought. This is why I gave up after the third day. Write my paper reviews experienced serious heart palpitations, much worse than expected, and felt tremendous chest and jaw pain. By the morning, I knew I just had to stop.

I have read about people giving up for the same reason. I have also read that once you get through the third day it gets a lot better. I simply didn't feel it was worth the risk. That happened to me, but to this day I have doubts about whether that was a sign of the detoxification or simply of a lemon-only diet. I honestly don't know yet. I know that people can fast for up to 40 days. With the Lemonade Diet, you drink water and get a fair amount of healthy minerals from that Organic Grade B Maple Syrup and lemons, so it should be okay, right.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you I believe or don't believe it in, because even after in-depth research and doing the cleanse for three days, I am still not sure. However, I can honestly tell you that I wouldn't do it again. I know it worked for others. One YouTube user I saw did it for 40 days see video belowand she said she felt great, had lost a lot of write my paper reviews, experienced increased energy levels, etc.

Notice that she made sure to consume at least 1,200 calories a day. However, it didn't work for me, and I felt it wasn't worth the risk of my heart palpitations and all the side effects. I would not do it again. I eased myself into eating lesson learnt from last time. I prepared the lemonade with the correct dosage and introduced one meal of boiled veggies a day, ate it slowly, and went from there. I lost one or two more kilos in the next two weeks, but after my write my paper reviews holiday at the end of January I put double the lost weight back on.

But I did have nice food and drinks, so I couldn't exactly argue that it was the Master Cleanse's fault. Weight loss is simply one of the good side effects. This was my journey, and I hope my mistakes will somehow help you. If you have any questions you are welcome to leave a comment, and I will answer it for you. Recently I read an article in which she says that, although she lost 20 pounds with the Master Cleanse, she would not do it again today because she is aware there are much healthier options. Honestly, this is also my opinion-if your aim is weight loss, there are healthier options out there.

However, if you do want to have a go at it, I recommend reading the book at least one or two weeks before you start the diet. Ease yourself in, quit coffee, and do it right. Don't be greedy like me and minimize your maple syrup dosage: look out for your health instead. In terms of the health and heart palpitations, to this day I still think I did well to stop, regardless of whether the symptoms would have improved after that day.

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