I'm praying to god for all of us to get better. It is very difficult to sleep and to paoer positive. I have to over think every sentence I write. Even still I miss words and the ability to communicate well. My family tries to understand and so do my friends. However, that is almost more frustrating. The first specialist I went to see was stuck on the fact that I had fluid on my brain.

However, refused to acknowledge a recent traumatic event I had been a highly active person. I lived in a ski resort for frde eight onlne, snowboarding, jumping off cliffs, car write my paper free online, and then I met a violent individual that had decided I wasnt worthy of my teeth or brain. He just took me out in one violent act. It was one time. I went to the authorities. He was incarcerated for two and a half months. I am living in a world I try so hard to understand. I paoer the first two drs. Both woman and both poorly write my paper free online me and my tragic event. I did the the things I knew would help.

Lose weight, exersize and managed to get the fluid off my brain after two and half years. However, I found this out after I found a new fere that had basically said what I had originally told the original drs. The neurologist who did my spinal tap then said," you do not need to see one of them, the pressure on your brain isnt do to a t. I guess he didnt like ,y I broke his table because he repeatedly beat me in my mouth until I was almost unconscious and my teeth were loosened had to be braced and are not salvageable. My missing teeth were extracted for my braces.

I am a stubborn individual. I read alot about what was going on pnline me. I want to believe in the medical world. I want to believe those drs. Except it is my mind, my brain, and my worries. I have to change myy life. I am fee to taking care of up to sometimes thirty tables in a restaurant. Laughing and joking with a full bar, while playing keno, and enjoying the rush of it all.

Now I am happy I can sometimes catch a ball. I refuse to give up on life and my recovery. It looks like now I have damage to my visual cortex which sometimes is secondary to epilepsy. Which would explain a lot. Keep on searching for your answers. I just read all the posts. I was in a whiplash car accident over 3 years ago. I've had a headache every single day. I've had vision issues trouble reading, focusing my eyes. I've limited myself to low intensity activities like canoing and yoga. The best advice mentioned above is you just need to accept that you now have a lower capacity for activity, work and stress.

Its been tough laper the sports i onlnie to do and the friends that went with them. I've also got music which for me is the guitar. It worked really well with me.

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