It actually makes me not want to eat fatty, nasty food anymore. Thing is, I did the HCG diet 3 times 1st rnd lost 25 lbs and got really skinny but its majorly restricted and limits you to 500 calories a day… not healthy. Even if you feel weak the first time you try this diet I say try it. I am going to continue it the first of every week until I get down to my goal weight. I just started my 3 day today. Feeling amazing and also I run more then write my paper for me free mile a day so it should help.

Tell us your thoughts about 3 Day Diet. Then can you do these together and get your 3 days…?!. Salt and pepper are the only seasoning. Also, you will have greater success if you drink a lot a water. This is my second time trying the military diet. The first round I lost 8 pounds. I am hoping for similar results the second time. I will post my results Sunday. I honestly feel better weighing myself each morning. Can I substitute them for something else.

Straightforward as well as the point. It had the exact same material and was equally well posted. He has gone from 390 to 255. He made very slight modifications to prevent boredom. Guys you must not weigh yourself until the fourth day otherwise it can be off putting. I had my 4 days off with one cheat day and have started again today. I will let you guys know how much i have lost 2nd time around. I do have a queatoon. I too have same thyroid problem. Both times I only lost 3 pounds. I walked a half hour each day as well. Then I weighed myself mid week and the weight came back.

Lost 8 lbs on the diet. Maybe this is not the weight loss plan for you and something else will come your way and help. I know how frustrating and discouraging it can be. Not only do I lose weight u also your eating habits will b a lot healthier. Also added creamer in my coffee on day1. Still managed to lose 5 pounds. Will do this again after 4 days, and this time I will strictly follow write my paper for me free diet. If u stick to the diet!!. Due to the chemical breakdown each meal in those three days has to b exact no subsitutions or it will not work!!.

Trust me I know!!!.

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