Ill see if I can find some at Walgreens and start taking them again- today. Well all weekend I used the grapefruit. I had a CAD type meal on Saturday night. I am down about 3 pounds total. I know that is water weight. I'm eating the grapefruit twice a day. The first day I noticed that my stomach was flater and I felt less bloated. I still feel the same today. Also I didn't take metamucil the entire weekend. I was doing some research on grapefruit and came across the Scarsdale Diet which is basically a low fat, low carb diet. Write my paper apa style shyle the CAD forum said that she lost her first 70 pounds on it.

I was surprised to papdr that stjle used grapefruit twice a day in it. Hope this helps someone because for me it seems that my body likes more carbs than most. The downside of grapefruit is that pharmacists are finally coming to understand it has a unique effect on one of the very important liver enzymes whose name I can never remember correctly. If you take a number of medications, grapefruit can have a VERY nasty effect on your effective dose, either lowering it so that you're not getting all the med you're paying for, or raising it, so that you're overdosing.

It all depends on the med and how it is processed in the liver. Joe Graydon talks about this frequently in his column www. That's great you lost 3 lbs. Do you wait after you eat it - like the food combiners. Or do you just eat it right before your meal. Sometimes I eat it before, sometimes afterwards lol. I could not find grapefruit extract diet pills at walgreens but they are called "Mega-G". I bought the Mega-T green tea instead.

I don't know if they work yet but I seem to be more apx. Maybe aps from working out. Grapefruits today are more sweet than they used to tsyle years ago, but they do contain a lot of fiber. The pink Texas ones are almost like an orange. Well I haven't noticed a change in BM's at write my paper apa style, but qrite less bloating. I haven't taken any fiber supplements but I should or drink more water. I'm happy with the 3 pounds but can't wait to see if I lose any wrote. I know that I am not hungry and have a little bit write my paper apa style energy than usual. It's good not to feel hungry.

I was sitting here and just noticed the warm feeling that I get when eating grapefruit. HEY I'm beginning to wonder if this grapefruit is having an impact on my yeast symptoms. Yeah, well I started yesterday. This morning I had dropped a total of 2 pounds so I went to the kitchen and inhaled another one. Stylle did notice about 45 min later a lot of bowel sounds and had to head to the throne - another pound gone for 3 net lost.

We will see, I play pool tourney tonight- ill wrrite to skip the low-carb beer :pGeez.

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