My tummy is so far satisfied. Day3 here and I have lost 5 pounds!!. I am so excited. I don't know why this cannot be done long term though I don't feel bad at all. I would like to get an answer to a substitute for eggs. That the only thing holding up from starting. I need to lose 12 pounds before knee surgery in 16 days. Do you eat tuna and cottage cheese for lunch or one wrkte the other. The wording is confusingMy husband and I just started this diet today. We are excited to see the end result.

Wishing luck to everyone who is doing this. What a great jump start to write my paper New Year. Hello, I cannot find sugar free ice cream anywhere. So is an ice cream with no sugar added ok. Or is there something else I could eat instead. I want to do the 3 day plan but I cannot eat eggs as I am allergic to them. What would I be able to eat in place of them. The note on coffee is interesting and might explain my tiredness recently, thanks. What can be sub'd for grapefruit, as my hubby cant have it due to medication. I noticed on day two.

Three cups total for day two. The other days are two cups total. Just wondering if this may be a typo writf. I did day two first since I had most of those items. That was a lot of food to eat for dinner. I weighed out the ounces on a scale wrige it was more wrtie I eat on a normal basis. However, this is a doable diet and I'm excited to try it.

Thank you : This plan sounds write my paper do-able, but I can't stand grapefruit. Is there something else I can do in place of the grapefruit. Also if you have time would you please re-read the plan. There are several mistakes that made me unclear. I would hate to assume what was meant and really mess it up.

Is there anything that I can substitute it for. I just started this diet again, was in it years ago and lost about 55 lbs on it. It was quick loss for a minute but it gets you off the fats and sugars. After a while I write my paper have to watch what I was eating it was just natural.

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