Check up the best Military Diet plan below. Military Diet calories: 1500. Water is the best drink for you. So you can drink a lot. No artificial sweeteners at all. They are bad for any body, so avoid them. You should also drink caffeine free herbal tea. You can drink black coffee. But you should not add any cream or sugar. Add sweetener, Stevia, if you like. Then have one cup coffee or tea with caffeine. You can also add 2 Tablespoons of usual peanut butter.

Eat 1 cup of broccoli with 2 hot dogs without bun. The pictures are impressive and inspiring. But if you want to find out whether it really works, try it. Wow, that was quite a weight loss journey. Thanks for the encouragement. For my part, I did the military diet because I have to lose 10 pounds super fast. My cousins wedding is coming up and I have no choice but to try what everybody is talking about.

The first day was tough. I was irritable but quickly researched a bit that drinking tons of water may help. I drank around 3 liters a day and did very light walking. The meal plans were so easy to follow, too. Half of the food included are already in my pantry so that alone make this diet very reasonable. I substituted quite a few items including tuna and hot dogs. I lost around 7 pounds with this diet. I know I have to lose another 3 pounds so I write my history research paper for me repeated the diet after 3days.

This time I lost around 4 pounds, which was not bad. Being the skeptic that I am, I did a couple of research on the diet, too. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSend emailPeople are wondering how to lose weight fast. Ask NaijMan is constituted so that he needs food every day. What is a diet. Military DietWell-known Military Diet that is also called the 3 day diet, is considered to be one of the fastest ways to lose about 10 pounds per week.

Drinks:Water is the best drink for you. Check out the plan and also it can become your Military Diet Shopping List. LunchEnjoy 5 saltine crackers, eat 1 well-boiled egg and 1 cup of cheese cottage. DinnerEat 1 cup of broccoli with 2 hot dogs without bun. DAY 3BreakfastEat 1 small apple and 1 slice of cheese cheddaradd 5 saltine crackers. LunchOne slice of toast and one well-boiled egg you can cook however you like. READ ALSO: Which is the fastest food to cook.

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