The thing is about most popular diets, I feel like the people who are on them feel that their diet is the only way to truly be healthy, and that you should to. People are very individual, and diet is never one size fits all. This is a phrase I repeat over and over. The thing is, paleo dieters are really healthy, so are vegan dieters. I think the paleo and vegan diet are both healthy.

I did not buy into it right away, but my problems disappeared one after the other. First cervical cancer and HPV that had stuck around for 8 yrs. I am not even going to start about the small aches and twinges that are also gone…well, I was never a fan of any diets. Prior to Paleo I ate a standard healthy diet with lots of organic and home grown foods. But this baffles me.

Yet cutting them out I feel better. Dairy causes problems with my period hormones I assume and cause my skin to get bunpy and grainy…. The body aches return first usually. Like others have mentioned there is not just one Paleo diet. So cureently I am eating with 170g of carbs from fruits, roots, tubers. It seems that after a strict phase of eating Paleo it does not cause me health problems if I cheat on my diet once write my english paper write my english paper a while.

Something like Pizza or cake I will eat on special occasions, something like rice even every 2 weeks. I figured if these foods are somewhat toxic to us then a small dose and plenty of time o detox from one meal will make a difference. But my belief is that some people are just not as well adapted to modern foods and others never develop problems eating grains. Being modern humans has no relevance to how our digestive systems work. Going back to basics is actually thinking sensibly not the other way around. Test every blood marker you can think of for health and wellness as write my english paper write my english paper baseline.

Then try eliminating grain, dairy and legumes. Retest and post your results. Add back grain, retest. Add dairy retest, legumes, retest. You may be lucky enough to not be sensitive to any of that. All that being said when you get someone like Dr. Terry Wahls who was bed ridden with multiple sclerosis then applied paleo principals with a few tweeks and she put her MS into remission. Look to the pilot study she just finished with huge success. Its hard to argue with all of that. I also read your grain blog. At worst the conversion of starch to glucose in the liver causes your liver to flood your body with VLDL cholesterol, exorphins to promote addiction to said starch and gluten to destroy intestinal lining.

What a bad idea. Test it out, post your blood markers prove us paleo hacks wrong. Sorry, as soon as you equated paleo with low carb you lost me. And the rest of the points in your article have been addressed, by various people. Like the low carb thing. Pingback: Paleo Diet, in Review mellowwild The ENTIRE PREMISE of the Paleo Diet is incorrect. Only people without any understanding a of evolution promote it. The article was very well written.

But I have done quite a lot of research on the Paleo diet and I would like to point out a couple of flaws. There are many different philosophies on the Paleo diet, not just the uber-strict traditional style. Also animal to plant ratios very by person. I got into being Paleo to be more fit for soccer.

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