I couldn't resist the idea of a diet with proper ice cream. Hi on day two can I have half cup tuna and half cup feta or is it one or the other. Are you supposed to exercise with this plan or just eat it and carry on with a normal day. Thank youHi I love and wanna to do this diet, but I dont and cant eat seafood what can I sub for it. I lost 10 lbs. I can't eat grapefruit because I have acid reflux. If you can't have bananas is there a substitute. Can I have plain stemmed rice instead of bread.

Camilla, it's really best to eat breakfast. It starts your metabolism in the morning. There are some pretty great gluten free crackers. Hi Christine, you can have the ice cream a little after dinner, two hours before going to sleep. I love grapefruit juice. Candelosa, yes you can drink coffee. Hopefully it still worksHello,I'm on day 2 of this diet. Hi thank you for this diet plan. But Write my colege paper just wanna say thank you.

Because I either have no time to eat breakfast or wake up late about lunch time Flounder is fine, though something like swordfish or salmon that is similar to tuna rather than white and flakier fish would be better. Hi actually it's difficult to found saltines in my city so now what am i gonna do???. Deki- 2 slices of low calorie bread. DestinEF- do you eat any fish or dairy. Corinne- a 14 year old should not be dieting and definitely not doing this diet. Cindy- sugar free gum is ok. However, some people feel hungrier when chewing gum.

Did you keep it off. Rose- why do you want to substitute the saltines. Melissa, actually the calories add up to betweeen 1000-1100. Hi I'm write my colege paper and I was just wondering if this diet is healthy for meHi, I am really motivated to start this diet asap. What is 2 slice of low. What do you mean please do let me knowCan u plz tell me what is 2 slice of calorie. Thank uIs it ok to have stemmed carrots. Hmmm m in day 2 hoping to see resultDear write my colege paper author,Low fat cheese is not available at the mart, please sugest for day 3 thank you ,Were can i get the list for the 20 pounds in 10 days.

Can u post it. Do you have to eat the ice cream or cam you just eat some ice :P can you switch the beans with cucumbers. Do you see the results after the three days. This was my first day and I lost nothing. I'm 14 and weight 186 pounds so I am obviously over weight and am wondering if this diet is going to work for me and how many colories would I be taking In a dayIs sugar free gum okay to chew in between meals. As a way to curb hunger. Thank you for posting. At 15 you need to focus on being healthy, and then the weight will come off.

What are some good examples of lean proteins?. What proteins did you use.

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