I followed it exactly as stated. Day 2 here I come…I did my 3day military diet I lost 5 pds. I waiting 4 days and I am on day erite but I am exercising with it. Now I have not exercise in many years, so I am not doing hard core exercise. I will use this to drop a couple before a special event or just keep in my clothes. I also have to share that you have to do what works for YOU. A diet is what you ingest daily, not for a few days. If you use this to drop the weight, establish some of the foods in your daily routine to maintain at least half of the loss.

I keep tuna pouches in my desk, pour hot sauce on them, and eat. I also keep vinegar in my office as well just in case with Ms. Dash arcbitecture salt to add more flavor to lettuce and tuna in a salad. Do what works for YOU. Here are the substitutions I have made in the past write my architecture paper 8-10 pounds of loss: 1. Drink all the water you possibly can, especially if you do not like tea, coffee, or caffeinated drinks. I am allergic atchitecture caffeine. Raspberry or Mint tea for the non-caffeinated lover any Celestial Seasoning tea will do except green 3.

If architecutre cannot ingest peanut butter, boil an egg, cut it open, dice, and spread it on the toast put a little mustard or hot sauce on write my architecture paper to give it zing 4. If you cannot ingest the egg OR peanut butter, eat 5-6 slices of beef, turkey, chicken, or ham 5. Never eat 2 slices of toast when it calls for one slice 6. If you do not enjoy beets, eat a strong green like spinach or chard 7.

Not a fan of vanilla ice cream, then do not eat it at all. Do not substitute with any type of yogurt EXCEPT PLAIN GREEK or any other flavor of ice cream. If you cheat on this one, the results will not be the same. If you are unable to writte apples, write my architecture paper or uncooked, you can eat a VERY thin slice of avocado or half of a tomato. A banana is sweet, so you can replace it with half an apple or half a cup of blackberries 10. Try substituting it with a half a cup achitecture nectarine, kiwi, or cherries 11.

Disdain for cottage cheese means you can eat plain Greek yogurt and it MUST be Greek - I hate both so I just get the cottage cheese and hurl it down. Not a fan of sodium nitrates in hotdogs, even if they are kosher. Then you can go back to the slices of meat or you can eat an egg, tuna, black beans, kidney beans, or half a cup of tofu. I can not eat eggs. Is there something else I can substitute instead and still follow the plan and loose weight. I just completed the 3-day military diet. I followed it to the I will try it again after my 4 days are up.

I did the diet, lost 9 lbs have not done anything for two months and still weight the same. Can I put lemon in my water during the 3 days.

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