Reply Mangoes have 3mg lycopene in 100g weight and tomatoes have 2573mg per 100g, so no, mangoes are not good substitute for tomatoes in this diet. Reply Can you use a mix of wild and brown rice or just brown rice. Reply Reply Is it ok to eat grape tomatoes instead of regular tomatoes on day 5. Reply Reply Reply Reply Can I have fried green beans cooked in olive oil on veggie day.

Reply You can have, but use extra foor olive oil max 1 tablespoon. I read through as much comments as i could and i could not find all the answers. Reply Couple of questions…. Reply Sure, you can chew sugar free gum. You drink 8-12 glasses of water on day 4 and 12-15 on day 5. Stay strong and go write my apa paper for me for free. Reply What can I substitute for Milk. Ky Good substitutes for milk are rice milk, almond milk and soy milk. Reply Is write my apa paper for me for free something else besides tomato that I can eat. Reply Are fresh or frozen veggies preferable as compared to canned veggies.

Reply Yes, fresh and frozen forr are preferable as compared to canned veggies. Reply Yes you have to eat 8 to 10 bananas on day four and 6-7 tomatoes day five. Reply Reply day 2,3,6 and 7 can we use ranch with the vegetables. That stuff is full of sugar and bad oils. Reply Can you substitute red bell peppers for the green bell peppers or use a combination of the two. Reply Reply Is there any substitute for bananas. I absolutely can not stand them. Reply Reply Reply Reply Can you use salt on the tomatoes. And what type of tomato.

Reply Yes, you can use salt on the tomatoes. Reply I am sorry but there is no substitute for the soup. Do you have to eat the soup or is it just an option. Reply The soup is an wrire just to reduce the hunger. Reply If I am nursing, is this diet ok for me. If you are nursing or pregnant no diet is good for you and your baby. Reply What kind of milk can I use. Reply Reply I drink about 5-6 cups of coffee every morning.

Reply Can beans be eaten on day 3 or is this day 2 only. Reply Reply I see on day 3 it says no potatoes. Reply Reply Reply Please read the comments: Papayas pawpaws are the best substitute for bananas. Reply instead of having olive oil or vinaigrette on a salad, can we use lemon.

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