This is what sends him to the hospital because he gets very dehydrated and his potassium bottoms out. You can just see the sweat pouring off of him. I want to fix him right now but I know that's not write essay service. I have my fingers crossed that the grapeseed extract and curcumin work as well for him as it does for you. I also read somewhere that curcumin works even better when combined with milk thistle. I know I have to start him off slow and only one or two supplements at a time but I'm anxious and he's so tired of me asking him if he's okay.

Author anonymous: Milk thistle is used to cleanse the liver. I have no idea whether it has any usefulness in regards to the pancreas. As to write essay service husbands vomiting, write essay service a doctor prescribed any anti-nausea meds. Write essay service someone write him a script for compazine or phenergan. Phenergan comes in suppository form for eliminating nausea when vomiting up pills is likely. They come in 25mg sups and I have taken it with really good results, sometimes 2 sups are necessary but it works.

TheHealthGuy LM: He does have a script for both. And usually the compazine is what works because he has to take a suppository because pills are no way staying down. And it's almost always necessary for him to take two. I went to get him the curcumin but it said not to take if you have ulcers and he has write essay service esophageal ulcer.

I'm hoping that combined with the aloe vera liquid and possible siberian pine nut oil will give him relief. Today he ate red grapes which almost immediately caused him pain and made him vomit and he is now laying down. I'm wondering if this was the cause of his continual abdominal pain after he was released from the hospital because that was the first thing he ate. I read one website that said it was one of the seven best foods for pancreatitits sufferers but then I read another forum where the members there had a hard time digesting them.

Author anonymous: Personally I wouldn't be eating ANYTHING if it were me and I don't care what others say. I'd be taking grape seed, curcumin and my anti-nausea meds until I wasn't puking anymore and I would NOT eat ANYTHING until I actually felt I was starving. IF it is pancreatitis he isn't going to get better eating. His pancreas needs to "rest. I'd be on water only until I was so hugry I thought I might pass out and I am not joking. You can go 2 weeks without food. But water is essential. And Once I was HUNGRY I'd drink juice ONLY, something like low sodium V8 juice or if you have a juicer make your own vegetable juice but continuous vomiting should be a clue that he is not ready for solid food of any kind.

I am NOT a doctor either, and cannot give medical advice. Write essay service know your husband has a doctor's appointment soon - get him diagnosed before you even take anything I say into consideration. All I can do is tell you about my own personal experience you can read my story below if you haven't already. I've been reading this thread since the beginning, and I agree with TheHealthGuy - I wouldn't consume ANYTHING but sips of water or sucking on ice cubes until he gets to see the doctor.

When I was in the hospital, they wouldn't allow me anything for the first 24 hours but a wet sponge to suck on. After that, for the next 48 hours, I was allowed only ice cubes. Again, TheHealthGuy is correct in that IF it is pancreatitis, the digestive system must rest, or better yet, STOP as much as possible. I know, I know - almost everyone says "Well, you have to eat SOMETHING. At the most extreme time when I knew I had pancreatitis, but had not known that I also had severe acidosis, I once went for 3 weeks without eating anything solid don't do that, though.

I waited too long to go to the emergency room - a mistake I won't make again.

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