Kreamer lists being inducted into his HS hall of fame on his professional bio, but fails to mention Advocare. I guess his endorsement ends once he walks out the door. Goldberg and Keen are listed as members of the Metabolife Institute Editorial team. Odd they would lend their name to add credibility to a competitor. Fact is nobady on this board ever conducted any tests. Not even scientific, no tests at all. A major university, a major reasearch university, found none.

There are also no studies proving its effectiveness either. The only non-company affiliated endorsers are well-known athletes and coaches and their testimonials could also be economically motivated. I feel that there is not enough research to prove the product healthy and effective, and a few of van ingredients are still being questioned in the medical apper.

Thus the overall lack whho scientific evidence leaves me too skeptical to be able to take AdvoCare without the doubt of adverse effects if any at all. Look for sources ky present themselves to be neutral under close scrutiny. To Dani: Just found yoursite. I enjoy your writing style. I saw that one poster said your evidence was drawn from unreliable sources. She also Cherry picked your story for what she thought was a hole in your armor, completely ignoring other parts. I think she drank the Kool-Aid, or in this case Spark. And if i dont agree, oh well ……. God gave us 2 ears for a reason in one ear and out the other lol.

Why do they think the outcome is EVER going to b different?. Urgh……… I find THAT annoying more than anything. My brother did Herbal life for almost 2 yrs and did do very well………. Now I have distant family selling the Advocare, and are ofcourse trying to intice their family and friend list. I asked what exactly was in each productand did not get the detailed list you provided, and my cuz is a very healthy disaplined women and REALLLLY thinks this product she is selling is AMAZING.

She posted pics after 7 days of the cleanse on herselfand she does look great but she did B4 the cleanse. I simply said no thank you. I am about to read more about the Isagenix too. Last year someone tried wriye get me into Advicare, touting the weight they were losing. So I wondered what your thoughts where on the company Genesis Pure. It claims it products are organic and GMO free. I personally have had great success from some of there supplements. I have had a chronic inflammation disease for over 14 years and the organic MSM and Mangosteen have helped me tremendously. Nor have I had a single migraine and have been able to stop my prescription medication which I think is a plus.

I also like there athletic line it has helped me with my endurance during my workouts, my soreness almost eliminated and my recovery has improved so much I am able to increase my activity at the next workout. I eat a healthy life style but adding these products who can write my paper defiantly helped. I agree, Soy has been PROVEN, who can write my paper cause an hormonal imbalance in both males and Females. Women over 40 should never take soy products because of its effects on estrogen, and 16 Alpha Hydroxy Esta, as well wuo 2 Alpha Hydroxy Estra.

And anyone with any kind of real knowledge in health knows that, that is bad for the Heart, Liver, and Kidneys. There was a case study done in 1987-1989 in the military, because some of the men were complaining about tenderness around their nipples. They had to have 4 paoer look at the 6 men making the complaint, before they found a doctor that could give them an answer. He went back to his original questions about their diet, but this time in much more detail. All the men were found to have been taking protein shakes containing Soy. That promoted a the study by the US Military to study the effects of Soy on our troops.

You and I both know how that came out.

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