I do not ask that of friends and family and will not do that with strangers. If they offer fine. Again you assume way too much. Cap lock letters really do not do anything for me, sorry. Guest Apparently, Sylvia does not understand that dietary supplements like PS are not under the same scrutiny as a pharmaceutical drug. If a side effect is reported to the FDA, if has to be listed in the product information sheet when dispensed at the pharmacy. Not the case with dietary supplements. Report to the company all you want, nothing will be listed, or done about it until the FTC, or the FDA becomes more involved.

The old PS Accelerator would be a good example. NO tizzy, no yelling. You know for me to say more instead of keeping things short and sweet. Now lets see what have I left outů. I guess in that world you were the only uptight one - Good Lord!!. People can get hurt by taking her advice, even though, on some issues she recommends talking to your healthcare provider. I attack her, not the other good people on this site. Maybe that was wrong, what I meant to attack is how you, and others can come on these sites and deviate from the truth just sell a bag or two of PS.

Has it ever occurred to you, that your uneducated information may actually harm people, not only physically, but also financially just to support your lifestyle. Do you realize that for ccustom FEW that make a significant income in PS, or any other Eessay company, MANY have to lose money. Stick to the weight-loss theme, at least it MAY have some merit to what is a good custom essay service. Whqt my opinion, stick around, sooner or later the authorities will get wind of all the ridiculous claims you and others are making about this product without proper clinical data to back it.

If you deny this, you are not being honest. You better hope the company continues to fly under the radar, because the bigger PS gets the more attention given by the authorities. You answered your own question as to why in five years, the FTC, nor the FDA has not given PS focus. The focus is on the big companies that have been around for a while because. Your uneducated remarks concerning the FDA are dumbfounded, and as expected uneducated. Do away with your necessary meds like some have stated, and just take PS, and see how long you stay on this earth.

Sylvia, the easy part for you, and being over weight was going from 340 lbs. All have heard esasy before, but so true, what you lost initially was water. Now, the hard part starts, and that is losing FAT. I wish you and everyone what is a good custom essay service health, but just be truthful, and admit, there nothing better for wwhat than proper exercise and diet. I am sending you a friend request on FB. You seem very knowledgeable about the product. I just started it today. I study every day and Im sure I will come across that but it is very helpful to see it now.

I know she worked hard to get to that. You will eventually see a paraphrase by Donald Trump about MLMS. It just states that there is only one person at the top of any company. When you look at an organizational chart, they all look like pryamids, uneven or not, MLM or not. Amway is too and I know people who sell it that are very successful. I know workers that have nice whag and they have great benefits as well. They are also MLM. Donald Trump did not make his fortune in MLM, and you should know this.

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