I had a few questions. Is it ok to have pineapples,strawberries, and honeydew day 1. Also can you use a lil butter to flavor vegetables on vegetable day. And last question, if I do not like the soup do I have to substitute it for something else or can I just skip it. Thank uIt,s OK to have pineapples, strawberries and honeydew on day 1. Little butter is fine. You can skip the soup. Can the brown rice be the kind out of those little cups that you microwave. Yes, you can skip the soup if you are not hungry. Can you do more than one week?. And what happens on days 8 and 9?. Do you eat chicken and veggies and stuff?.

I was thinking of doing the diet for a week. Eating good for a couple days then hitting it again until I loose the 30 pounds I want to looseYou can repeat the diet after 3-7 days. Yes, after day 7 you can eat chicken, veggies, fruits, meat and the rest of the food. If you fill up on water for any of the fruit or vegetable days do you have to eat or is it ok to just have water. You can do low-intensity exercises like stretching or walking. Day 3 almost over and still doing great. I am really surprised no one has mentioned the error in the amount of water for the soup. It is impossible to make this soup with so little water, you actually need about 4 times that amount.

Could you tell me if I can drink fruit infused water homemade on days 4,5,6,and 7. There is no error in the amount of water, but you can add water as much as you want. Sure, university essay help can drink fruit infused water. Started first thing Monday morning. Not having my morning coffee every day has been really rough. Migraines the first day, small headache the second. Been feeling okay since Tuesday evening as far as the withdrawals from coffee go. I cheated a little and put the brown rice in my cabbage soup. Changed the texture and now I really enjoy it. That has a lot to do with it.

I can totally understand how the weight is coming off. So far so good. Day 6 is soup, rice, veggies and water. I would love to start this but I have been doing low carb for university essay help months. Would it hurt me if I started this diet Monday. Also does this weight stay off once you have reached your goal of you maintain a healthy low cal diet plus exercise.

Sure, you can start with this diet. The question of whether the weight will stay off after the person has finished the diet depends more on you than the diet itself. The GM plan consists of fresh, unprocessed food. If you get into the habit of eating these types of foods, university essay help this will make it easier for you to keep the weight off. I juswanted to give an update.

I finished my last day yesterday, as of day 5 I had lost 7 pounds. Weighed my self this morning and total weight loss is 17 pounds.

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