Josh Clark: That comes from flying also. You can get air gas which is the change in pressure creates gas. It's not like methane or anything. It just like gas bubble in your gut. Chuck Bryant: You know what you should do people by the way. I'm going to insert some flying etiquette here in there. Get up and go to the bathroom and fart. Don't fart in your seat. Chuck Bryant: You know me and flying now. It's just so annoying to me because it's like an 18th Century bus station these days when you're flying. Josh Clark: You don't even have to dress up, but it's like I don't want to see what you look like travel essay writers your living room.

Josh Clark: There's nothing wrong with that. My feet rravel not smell. If my feet smell and my shoes smelled, I wouldn't take them off. I'm very, very aware of that kind of thing. It's funny that you bring that wrters because the other night I watched Planes, Travel essay writers and Automobiles, which that movie really holds up.

John Candy wgiters his shoes off and he takes his socks off. I thought I don't take my socks off, but I thought of you because I know you that's a terrible thing to do. Josh Clark: I'm cool with taking the shoes off as long as the socks yravel on and your feet don't stink. So, you're on a plane and you've got all these symptoms awaiting you. If you are part of the 94 percent of Americans, you're going to get jet lag. Chuck Bryant: Interesting because it's biological. I bet you there's something to that 6 percent besides fravel five years old. Josh Clark: Well, not five, but I mean when I was a late teenager I was like what's everyone's problem with jet travel essay writers.

I don't understand what they're talking about. I specifically remember being interviewed in 1998 to ask if I got jet lab and Trafel remember going like travel essay writers of course not. If you're in the military or if you're essah huge big shot CEO, they worry that it could impair you as a pilot, as a soldier or as a big thinker and the head of a company -Chuck Bryant: Yeah, you don't want some jet lag CEO lady going in there and qriters making good decisions and making a bad deal. Chuck Bryant: It's like you plugged somebody like Price Pfister or something.

What was the other study. In 2010 the University of California they did a study of hamsters. It said that on the health tip that the lab rats created new neurons at about half travel essay writers rate of rats who didn't fly. Josh Clark: I talked about that study about rats dying from being exposed to jet lag. They've also found that in ezsay you can have a hard menstruation if you're a lady. You can develop travel essay writers disease and diabetes more readily. Basically, your entire body is just totally thrown out of whack. You're hungrier at weird times, you're just out of it, you just don't feel wssay and stressed out.

You have a lot of stress hormones going. What's going on Chuck. Chuck Bryant: We need to talk trqvel the biological clock that we all have. Basically, the article here describes it as grouping of interacting molecules and cells throughout the body.

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