This could be a jump start but I have never tried it with so many substitution. I wish you all the best. I do this diet often. I do use substitutions and have not had any problems dropping weight. I lose 7 - 10 pounds each time I have done this. Also the more weight you need to lose the closer to the 10 pounds you lose. I was 278 pounds the first time I tried it and I lost 9 pounds in those 3 days. Yes it will work. I don't like carrots so I eat fresh green beans instead. I also add fresh spinach to my egg on the day I eat eggs, creamer in my coffee, and I put a teaspoon of light mayo top essay writing services my tuna.

It works for me. I am gluten intolerant, can i use gluten-free products. Will i still get the same results weightwise. I don't know that that would make a difference. If it calls for carbs and your using something that is rice based top essay writing services you're still getting your carb. Maybe a rice cake instead of toast or something like that. Or some rice crackerswould rye toast work?.

I want to try this, but I am concerned about the amount of food intake. I get shakey and headaches if I don't eat enough. Has anyone who has done this ever top essay writing services sick. Oz fat flush water. I'd say stick to regular water you don't want to over do it and the celery in your tuna shouldn't be an issue. Check the calories between the vanilla and chocolate and go by calories.

Same with the cheese an eggs. It will be a bit more difficult to feel full since nut butters and sliced cheese, even cheese alternatives, can pack a big calorie punch and leave you feeling hungry throughout the day. Good luck but make sure you listen to your body, drink lots of water, and get enough to eat which may seem counter productive but its important. Thank you so much for all you info regarding the 3 day diet plan on your website : It's so helpful and informative. I have a few questions though, which I hope you don't mind sparing some time to answer.

So here are my questions:1. Can I switch the dinner menu for lunch or will the diet become less effective. Can I actually eat each of the food on the diet plan bit by bit as in I didn't gobble up my whole dinner in one go but have a little bit of the veg in early afternoon then have the lean meat later in the day. If I substitute according to the calories, will I get the same result if I go on the original diet plan or will there be a chance that the result won't be as effective. I am a college student working a part time job, therefore I don't really have the time to prepare the lean meat for dinner so I'm thinking of substituting with either low-fat cottage cheese or tofu or egg which I will count accordingly to the calories stated in the diet plan.

Also, can I substitute the vanilla ice cream with plain greek yoghurt I always have Chobani cos it has no added sugar or sweeteners, gelatine-free, and no milk cubes so I assume it is the best greek yoghurt so far. Please correct me if I am wrong. It is a inconvenient for me to bring ice cream to my workplace as I work on evening shift everyday so I was thinking of actually bringing greek yoghurt to substitute the vanilla ice cream. Other than rice cakes, is there any substitution for saltine crackers.

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