Diet soda is bjsiness allowed. Reply morning of day 7 and have gained. Reply Day eight weigh in, at 149. Reply how much watermelon should be consumed in place of the tomatoes. Reply Reply Hi, For bananas and milk day do I have to eat all of the bananas. Reply I have a question. Lol Reply Yes, bananas will raise your blood sugar. You can cancel the diet and start over after 3 days. Reply Reply All banana substitutes have same amount of sugar.

Reply On the day were it says soup, brown rice for lunch, and then six or seven tomato throughout the day. Reply Watermelon is the best substitute for tomatoes. Reply Reply I was wondering if I can put sprinkle vusiness on my fruit, also can I put a little honey in my tea, and last, is it the impact of e business on customer service essay to eat a few raw unsalted almonds. Reply Cinnamon is OK, honey and almonds are not OK during this diet. Reply Hi Sydney, I think that you will get the same results as others. Reply My dad tried to scare me and tell me that eating 8 om in one day is very dangerous, is this true.

Reply Hi April, your dad probably thinks about potassium intake from bananas. Reply Hi, it says no excerise allowed, but I work full time as a house maid. Reply Hi Cydney, in your case you may increase your soup intake and have it from day 1 to 7. Reply Can you eat black beans or chickpeas. Reply Black beans and chickpeas are fine. Sure, you may blend the veggies.

Nuts are not allowed. What are the sub veggies for the soup. Not a fan of cabbage or tomatoes. Reply This is vegetarian version and I found it to be the most effective one. Reply Reply Reply is there a limit to the chick peas on veggie day Reply Reply Can you have almonds at anytime. For the brown rice can you make mushroom rice. Thank u Reply It,s OK to have pineapples, strawberries and honeydew on day 1.

Reply Yes, you can skip the soup if you are not hungry. Reply Can you do more than one week?. Eating good for a couple days then hitting it again until I loose the businexs pounds I want to loose Reply You can repeat the diet after 3-7 days. Reply Reply If you fill up on water for any of the fruit or vegetable days do you have to eat or is it ok to just have water. Reply Of course you have to eat. Reply Sorry but there is no substitute for the impact of e business on customer service essay soup and the veggies. Reply Day 3 almost over and still doing great.

Reply There is no error in the amount of water, but you can add water as much as you want. Reply I would love to start this but I have been doing low carb for 6 months. Reply Sure, you can start with this diet. Reply Can I eat a bowl thw white beans on all vegetable days or is it just on Day 2. Reply Reply I juswanted to give an update. Reply You lost ten pounds the last two days. Reply Reply Reply Customet does that mean that a can of Campbells Tomato Soup is okay.

Reply I am starting day 5 and down 7 pounds.

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