This article is published under license to BioMed Central Ltd. Part of Springer Nature. Advertisement Login to your account Search Search BioMed Central articles Search Nutrition Journal Impact Factor 3. How does Open Peer Review work. Keywords Melatonin Sleep Systematic review Rapid evidence assessment of the literature REAL Dietary supplements Military healthSleep quality is a problem in the civilian population, where 17. Data extraction In order to streamline the systematic review process in a secure manner and ensure reliability and consistency across reviewer ratings, the authors conducted the review within the the essay writer systematic review management program Mobius Analytics SRS Copyright 2003-2009 Mobius Analytics Inc, Ottawa, Ontario.

All work was cross-checked by the review manager CCCand disagreements were resolved either through discussion and consensus, or by one of the SMEs. The results of the initial database search yielded 557 references, 39 of which met the inclusion criteria and were subsequently included in the review. Articles were excluded mostly because the intervention was not melatonin or because they did not report on sleep related outcomes.

Figure 1 Flow chart of included studies. AcknowledgementsThe authors would like to thank Viviane Enslein for assistance in preparation of the manuscript. Funding and sponsorship This work was supported by the Defense Health Program and USUHS, Consortium for Health and Military Performance, Human Performance Resource Center, G191FL.

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