What can I have besides the soup. The soup is an option just to reduce the hunger. If I am nursing, is this diet ok for me. I drink about 5-6 cups of coffee every morning. Do I take coffee out of the diet plan. Please read the comments: Papayas pawpaws are the best substitute for bananas. Kiwis and apricots are also good substitute for bananas. Can we eat Heinz beans with tomato sauce. I hope this is still okay. Odd my response disappeared. First servicr I want to say thanks for the post and all the comments you replied to everyone - makes it easier to know what to eat etcStarted day 1 sratistics, had some fruits for breakfast already segvice far so good.

Not entirely hungry yet. Question about statisticw rice day. I will post my results tomorrow morning. I have the rice for dinner which is very filling. I have lost 9 pounds in the process that is like the fastest Eseay ever lost weight haha not bad for only 7 days!. I have tried this twice with a week in between. Not really hard to do until Tomato day, I suggest statistics essay writing service and watermen if tomatoes become a problem. Yes, I did see a lose. Also soup is awesome. This diet has been a miracle for exsay. I hope I lose as much the next 4 days as I have the first 3.

I am starting the diet for wrting second timeafter a week break. I lost 9 pounds first time. Ate sensibly For a week and have maintained the loss. Hope Wriiting statistics essay writing service as well the second time around. Will let you know. Although there is no good excuse for cheating on a 7 day diet, I had pizza on Day 3 due to lack of planning and not being able to leave work. Should I start over to Day 1 or continue to Day 3 tomorrow. I just finished day 7 and I lost 7. I feel really good after eating so good for a whole week, it was a good cleanse for statistlcs body.

Day 2 was the hardest for me, but I worked through and the rest was esday. I used fat free cottage cheese instead of the milk on day 4. Thanks for sharing this. Good luck to everyone. For those of you contemplating trying this diet, I am on day 3 and have already lost 6 lbs. The 2 baked potatoes I had on day 2 were a treat - definitely something to look forward to. It has been very easy so far - try it. As of today lost 4 pounds, have energy, feel light, and not craving food dis LOVE my Soup this morning.

Thanks so much for sharing this diet. Just wanted to say that I am retaining some water but lost 5.

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