Supplements are only a temporary fix not a lifestyle change. If you want real lasting health and weight loss go find a crossfit gym and most of them will teach you how to eat Paleo. Except for the injuries. Our local Crossfit hired a full time masseuse due to all the muscle injuries and at least 3 of the people I know out there currently have more significant soft tissue injuries. Mind you I only know 5 people out there. The average person is not meant site that australian students turn to for professional essay writing services due Olympic style lifting.

I would absolutely love to do Crossfit. I use to do boot camp every morning at 5am, however following a Motor Vehicle Accident I cannot do much working out without having a massive seizure followed by days of debilitating migraines. One day my doctors may find the source of the issue, however within the past 4 years no such luck. So for you to come on here and advise that we need to stop taking supplements and join a Crossfit gym, that is a bunch of site that australian students turn to for professional essay writing services and highly insensitive.

You know nothing about anyone of us and why we may need them in order to live a more productive life. Since my accident I have gained 50lbs. I cannot lose it the way I use to so what do you suppose I do. This stuff is expensive. My question is in regard to what happens when individuals stop taking plexus products. Have dietary habits been transformed to healthy maintenance. I ask this because I know several who have stopped drinking plexus when they achieved their weight loss goal and the weight slowly returned.

If a product is safe and can be used as a jumpstart to inspire individuals in their weightloss and wellness journey, then that is a useful tool, but becoming reliant on an expensive product seems unnatural. As a wellness professional, I have read multiple sites, and I find that companies only tell what they want people to know.

My deep questions are never answered, and the whole truth is seldom told. Real food always seems the most obvious answer to me. How well I know that we are all in this journey together, and I applaud all who are taking steps to improve their health and prioritize the quality of their own lifestyle and that of their family and friends. Most people do not want to stop taking Plexus because it helps them have a better quality of life. I weigh 120 lbs thanks to Plexus and I still drink it due to it making me healthier and have so much energy. I have personally seen people get pregnant due to Plexus and be taken off prescription meds.

I am a Plexus lover for LIFE. I had a question about your question. Why would someone stop drinking PS. Or are you talking about the accelerator. My second question is if they do stop drinking PS then what is a cheaper way of getting all these nutrients because I would really like to know for myself. I am on a fixed budget and need to loose fat and eat healthier. Thank youRoc, Want to save money. You already answered half your question. But, if you exercise and eat healthier, you probably want even need those. Jan, in my opinion, after I quit taking PS, these things happen: I realized that there is no quick fix to losing weight, exercise, and diet are the best choices for long-term weight-loss, and maintenance.

I have been taking it with the accelerator. I do one pill with breakfast and one packet before lunch. I will comment in another week. The ambassadors only tell their customers what they are told to tell them, then take the money run. Plexus is at best a fraud and should not be taken by anyone. NO PILL, SHAKE, or any other substance is going to let you sit on your butt all day and lose weight. Change your diet, change your workout and change your life.

I started plexus plus accelerator, plus prob5 with no success the first 4 weeks.

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