I'm allergic to peanuts. The Wowbutter soy butter taste just like Peanut butter and is pretty close in calories and such. I think the peanut butter is for the protien so you can try 1 cup milk or yogurt since it has the same amount of protein. Is there a substitute for the grapefruit. I am not a fan of grapefruit. You can eat an orange instead of the grape fruit. For everyone substituting just remember your results will vary some since you really aren't suppose to substitute.

Either way maybe it can be a jump start for any of you like it was for me to get back or start eating healthier. I try to eat alot healthier then that and I walk to burn extra fat, but Im like you, I've had a bit of a backslide and its bad cause I havent lost near as much service learning reflection essay I would like so when I see a diet like this I'm always skeptical but I guess I'll have to take your word for it. It doesn't say which kind of bread to use but as we all know whole wheat bread is better for you do that is what I would suggest and yes it is suppose to be dryHey Nala I understand what you mean.

When I first read over the menu I questioned some of it too. But I thinkIt's the combination Of the foods and what it does for your body. It was also a lot more food then I was use to eating. It made me eat more times a day as well. So good luck and I really hope it works for you. I know how fusterating it can be but the most important thing to Remember is not to give up.

My understanding is that it's not the calories of the diet that works but the foods themselves that cause the chemical breakdown of fat. It says no substitutions for a reason. Aw, I'm vegetarian and I am extremely allergic to eggs. So unfortunately, this diet won't work for me. Do you have to eat the ice cream at the end of the day. What kind of hot dog. Day 2's "egg" any style of egg. Low sodium cottage cheese. Im sorry if this seems like a ton of questions, but I feel like Im not alone on this.

Ok so I did my research about this diet on WebMD and other wedsites too many to list and it said that due to the calorie intake is so low, that it is possible to loose 10lbs in 3 days, however, you can gain it all back and then some of the "off days". Experts say they fear it could be a yo-yo diet if you can't contain yourself on those off days. Also, substitutions:1 Orange instead of Grapefruit2 Tuna instead of cottage cheese or vice versa 3 Frozen yogurt instead of ice cream4 Cauliflower instead of Broccoli or vice versa 5 Beef franks, or all beef hot dogs for those hot dog questions 6 Beets instead of carrots7 Toast instead of 5 crackers or vice versa Though people say that this diet is not recommended to do on a regular basis, but just as a quick loss for an upcoming event, or such.

If you want to loose weight, a proper, higher calorie intake diet with regular exercise is better. It is a military diet that was proven for people in the military to cut weight fast and service learning reflection essay it off. It's actually called the 3 day military diet. I started riding my bike and doing a few exercises in between the meals and on my off days to burn the calories off. I think it is funny that it has so many names. About 25-30 years ago, it was given to my mom by the cardiologist and was told it was a 'heart' diet.

It's a great diet and does work-Thanks for the info on the substitutions. I also looked up the diet on other sites before I did it and the reviews varied from site to site. I know everyones bodies work differently but I personally service learning reflection essay put back on any of the weight from the diet. Thank you everyone for your comments and opinions.

Thanks yes it is recomended, this diet is given to Alot of people when trying to join the military that aren't meeting weight requirements. If you read up a few comments someone service learning reflection essay some substitution options.

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