I think Ive read it all, my only question is fruit juices. How careful do I need to be. Thanks, looking forward to thisFor those asking for results I completed the 7 day diet yesterday, lost scholarxhip total 0f 6 pounds. I followed the directions to the very end with no exceptions. I weighed myself after day 3……8. The amazing thing to me is my skin scholarship essay writing service appropriately shrinking with my weight and not leaving me with saggy skin. I am ready… Thank you, so much for making this available to us… I WILL reply with my daily results. I finished the plan yesterday.

Only lost 6lb but I have only lost 26lb in the past 8 weeks on the military diet. Total since april 32lb. This is the first diet I felt I could complete. I scholarship essay writing service on day 3 and have not been hungry. I feel blotted perhaps from the water. Is vinegar ok on the veggies. Can I put a little lemon juice in my water. Scholarxhip 4, the banana day only yielded a 1 ounce loss. Not sure if anyone else has has the same problem as me but I have been extremely hungry every day.

Water helps for a bit but not enough. Anyone else have the same issue. From day 4 you have soup for breakfast but if you feel extremely hungry during the day you can take another bowl of soup from day 4 to day 7. So excited and pumped to see what the rest of the week holds!. On day 5 I had gained 3 oz and on day sdrvice I gained 1 lb 3 oz. I have followed this diet to the letter, has this happened to anyone else??.

On day 6 I just show a total weight loss wirting 4 lbs. So often I will drink about a gallon of water per day a couple days before starting a diet like this and then use that weight as my starting weight to servoce by. I know this sounds weird, but I am allergic to watermelon…are apples, cherries, pears, peaches, and berries enough of a fruit substitute for the day. I plan on starting this on Sunday. Sorry for so many questions…. Are smoothies ok, made with fruit, alittle water and ice in a blender.

I have no way to heat up the rice while at work. Smoothie is OK, it is OK to put tomatoes in the rice, hummus is NOT OK, yes you can switch the time, fresh squeezed- not from a store. Can you drink the drink called Naked. I am on a pretty stringent workout program, so was wondering if there is enough protein in this diet to keep my energy level up for my workouts.

Or should I wait until off the workout program. Is there any substitute for the peppers in the soup?.

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