Loose Cannon Production 27
The Highlanders
"Rebels are not treated as prisoners of war. Right Sergeant, prepare to hang them""


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BBC Production Details
Production Code: FF
Original Transmission (UK): Saturday 17th December 1966 -
Saturday 07th January 1967
Season: 4
Number of Episodes: 4
Writers: Gerry Davis & Elwyn Jones
Producer: Innes Lloyd
Director: Hugh David

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Loose Cannon Production Details
Production Release Date: August 2007
Episode(s) Reconstructed: Episodes 1,2,3,4
Source Material: John Cura's telesnaps
Audio recorded by Graham Strong
  Surviving clips
Other authentic pictures
  CGI (Computer Generated Images)
Pictures from other stories / sources
Specially Created Material
Tape length required: UK / Australia: E180
USA / Canada: T160
Bonus Material

As well as the reconstruction we are able to bring you the following goodies…


Celebrity Introduction

Despite still being much in demand as an actor Michael Elwyn, who played Lieutenant Algernon Ffinch in the story, spared the time to provide our celebrity introduction.
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Production Featurette

Also included on the tape is a short 'mini-documentary' which gives an insight into the events surrounding the production of The Highlanders. This is narrated by Michael Elwyn.


Historical Extract

Also included as part of the introduction is a documentary on the Battle of Culloden, Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite uprisings beautifully narrated by Michael Elwyn.


Celebrity Interview

We also include an interview with actor Michael Elwyn, who discusses his career from early days in Doctor Who up to his role in the new series of Robin Hood.
Learn more about Michael's work in our Hall of Fame...


Carry on Culloden

Sometimes the Loose Cannon team wonders if The Highlanders was written by Gerry Davis or Talbot Rothwell!!


Special Note:  

No episodes of this serial are known to survive. If any should resurface and be released at a later date, please purchase the official BBC video release to complement our reconstruction.

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Loose Cannon Says:

Though other stories still need reconstructing we decided to revisit an older recon which was in need of a spring clean. Better quality telesnap scans, better quality Australian censor clips, clips from other serials appropriate for the story and new photographs and composites as well as improved methods of converting between formats make the new Highlanders a far more polished recon.


Arriving in Scotland in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden, the Doctor and his companions are taken prisoner by a group of Scottish rebels. Offering medical help to the clan's injured Laird, the Doctor is able to win over their captors.

Their respite is short-lived, though. While Polly and the Laird's daughter, Kirsty, go to fetch water, the others are captured by a Redcoat troop under the command of Lieutenant Ffinch. Ffinch leaves his prisoners in the custody of Grey, a crooked solicitor who plans to sell them into slavery in the West Indies.

To win his friends' freedom, the Doctor must stretch his powers of disguise to their limits...


Review by Sean Gibbons

This newest edition of “The Highlanders” is one of the very best recons yet! A much improved, carefully crafted, most enjoyable recon, which has helped restore, clarify and improve an equally enjoyable story. I have got to know this story reasonably well from the BBC website telesnaps, and the BBC Audio, but if possible this tape recon has surpassed those two sources put together! From the lovely TARDIS / Police Box materialisation and departure, to the care and detail taken in putting faces to the soundtrack voices, plus great re-instating of original footage, this recon sparkles, and once again, so do all the vivid cast and characters. It’s a jolly little period adventure story, and you have made a magnificent job of it! Many, many thanks.
And thanks too, for the background features on the Battle of Culloden, and for the most engaging interview with Michael Elwyn. I am delighted at what you have achieved, for this story. I look forward to seeing how you will have improved both “The Savages” and “The Smugglers”, from this era of the programme. You have done us fans proud, folks!


Review by Christopher Loftus

Personally I've never had a lot of time for the Highlanders, to me a story that sort of pretended to be a historical and story that never really come alive in the Target book, the Audio CD and the old recon (LC09) didn't do anything to improve that view.

But the new version has brought the story back to life. Clearer, sharper 100% better, and now due to Dean and Russ, it can finally hold it's head up high, it will never be Marco Polo, but watching it again it does seem to have it all Adventure, suspense, and a great dollop of fun!! Maybe the guys in Cardiff should get a copy, and see that you dont need a famous figure to make the historicals work.

The special features are interesting, and Michael Elwyn makes a fantastic interviewee, and the Carry On feature appeals to my rather non-PC sense of Humour! Well done everyone involved.

To anyone reading this that is put off getting it by the old version or the JV one, think again, 4 episodes of fun.


Review by Jason Pendergast

To be brutally honest, I have found the Highlanders to be one of the least interesting stories of Doctor Who. However, this could be due to the fact that so little footage (15 seconds) of it actually has survived over the years. What the Loose Cannons Crew has done has added A LOT of visual flair to jazz up this story- everything from the CGI (??) smoke in Ffinch's pipe to the way the darken rooms lighten up adds some charm to this lost show. If your only experience with the Highlanders is the older telesnap recon, please give this a try. It seemed that at least double the usual amount of photos were used (or created) in each episode, each clearer and more detailed than ever seen before.

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