Josh Clark: It does - It also works for seasonal affective disorder. I came across a paper and I'll Tweet it out, post it on Facebook or something or blog about it - we'll do something with it - because I couldn't get it in time to really speak about it. There's this guy who came up with a paper that's basically like a computational method for offsetting jet lag and figuring out how to adjust your schedule accordingly. Josh Clark: Yeah, that's the impression that I have, but it's really detailed. Basically, Chicago's Rush University Medical Center researchers say what you want to do is you're going from west to east which is the devil one you want to start going to bed an hour earlier every day.

Maybe five days before your trip you want to start going to bed an hour earlier. Not just an hour earlier across the board, but earlier, earlier and earlier to where right before your trip you're going to bed about five hours earlier. If you're going to take melatonin and you've done all your research, you want take a half a milligram of melatonin four and a half hours before bedtime. You want to progressively push that time earlier and earlier in the day as you're going to bed earlier and earlier at night and when you wake up blast yourself with the light box.

Chuck Bryant: Well, east to west you want to not blast yourself with light. You want to wear sunglasses in the morning and professonal essay writers professonal essay writers light in the morning. Chuck Bryant: It does. There's a New York Times article called A Battle Plan for Jet Lag. They've done a study with major league baseball actually because they travel a lot. They said that over a two-year span teams that went eastward gave up an average of one extra run per game - Isn't that interesting. They say, which is not really a wives tale with NASA confirming it, it takes about one day per light per time zone to get back into that rhythm in general.

They say the same thing. You've gotta regulate your exposure to light. When you get in that hotel room if you're traveling east, you gotta exposure yourself to light early and advance that clock. If you're traveling west, expose yourself to light at dusk in the early part evening and delay that clock. They say close the curtains, put a towel over your clock radio and get it as dark as possible. Don't look at any computer screens and laptops. They say you shouldn't eat a big meal or spicy food the first day you get there.

Don't dive right into that vacation because that can mess you up as well, gastrointestinally speaking. Josh Clark: The CDC says they don't have any suggestions other than eat a balanced diet and make sure you get some exercise. It's like of course you're going to say that CDC. You have any other suggestions and they say yes, wear loose clothing on the flight. Chuck Bryant: They say avoid alcohol and caffeine on the flight and afterward. They say that first day on vacation you shouldn't be hitting the alcohol hard either because that will just mess up your sleep period.

Have you heard of this thing called the Professonal essay writers professonal essay writers. Chuck Bryant: A team of scientists in Finland invented this thing because their belief is that the brain is about photosensitivity. It's sort of like an iPod, but instead of the earplugs, it emits light through your ear canal directly to the brain.

They said it works. They tested 350 subjects over four years and found that there's definitely brain activity when the little Valkee is on and nine out of ten subjects felt reduction in stress, seasonal depression, and anxiety. They're using it for winter blues, PMS, jet lag, migraines and all sorts of stuff. I don't know how much it is though.

I'm curious if it's the price of an iPod or just the size of an iPod. I would try it though. I get pretty bad jet lag. That's like when we go to do events now I try to fly out a day early just to sort of adjust. Josh Clark: Oh, my gosh that's neat. I can do east coast to west coast, as it doesn't hit me that bad. It's more like international that gets me. I haven't had it very bad.

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