This diet proudly claims following the 3 day eating plan will boost your metabolism that will help you burn pounds of fat and lose 10 pounds per week without any form of exercise. Studies have proven that the best way to increase your metabolism is to follow a healthy balance diet and exercise regularly. As enticing as it is to try out a diet that claims 10 pounds in 3 days, there are too many red flags that come with it. But the most important take-away is starvation is not a weight loss solution.

It's not sustainable nor it's safe. Yes, you may see a drop in your weight, but it will come right back as soon as you are off the diet. There are many safer ways to lose weight, and those safer, more balanced weight loss have a far better chance of keeping off your weight once you lose it because it's easier to stick to it. If you need to lose weight, do it the right way. We do not endorse this diet and recommend it.

I started working out and changed my eating 8 years ago and never looked back. I heart high intensity workouts and yoga and love sushi on my cheat days. What is the military diet. Losing water weight v. And here is why. I professional essay writers canada heard about this diet while watching beauty videos on Youtube. This diet lasts for three days the other four afterwards you just have a calorie restriction of 1500. This three-day diet is based on solid metabolism-boosting science and those who participate can potentially lose up to 10 pounds or more in a week.

The military diet is a great way to lose weight fast but you have to be willing to tough it out for three days on an extremely low calorie diet and then eat less than 1500 calories for four days. The nice thing about this diet is professional essay writers canada it is rather simple. I did not need to count professional essay writers canada or have to eat anything too strange. Each meal is designed to be low in calories and provide a mix of protein, carbs and dietary fat for fast fat burning.

Each of the three meals are clearly laid out making it easy to follow. The diet also contains vegan or vegetarian substitutes which is nice because I used some of these for certain meats. I typically never eat breakfast so this was a bit hard for me. This breakfast was nice because it was quick and easy. I am not a big coffee drinker so I went with tea but if you do drink coffee they prefer you to drink it black and not add all of the sugar and creamer. Because of my work schedule I have to eat at odd times so I ate lunch around 2pm. I was hungry at this point so I was ready to eat something that would fill me up, but this unfortunately did not.

The meal was tasty, quick and easy especially if you are on the go, but it is not the best for trying to quench your hunger. Luckily this meal had some veggies and fruits involved because I find those filling and at this point I needed it. I worked a double this day so I did not have the opportunity to eat dinner until 10pm. My favorite part about this diet is that I could have ice cream as a desert.

I was a bit skeptical about this because ice cream is used by wrestlers to put on weight fast I have a couple of friends on the wrestling team who do this to put weight on quickly. But I stuck to the diet strictly, plus having something sweet made it worth it. Day two and day three I was out of town so I was not at my house. Luckily since this diet is so simple I could pack everything up and it did not hinder my mini vacation.

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