It kept my mind of the fact that I was starving. I am not a hot dog fan typically, but my professional college essay writers my hot dog at dinner never tasted so good!!. I kept thinking one more day one more day. I was so hungry I had a hard time sleeping. It would be helpful if people posted their weight and height to get an idea. All this made this diet quite healthy. It was pretty hard but I made it. As far as exercise, I jogged for about 30 minutes the first day, played light tennis for a couple of hours on the second day and rested the third day, had no energy left.

So I suggest trying the greek yogurt, its quite tasty and filling. Good luck to everyone. Nada says at Tried it so much times, and it was very tough that I cant stand smelling tuna now!. And I did drink coffee all the 3 days with. Lana Lea says at Hi, I am on my 1st day of the diet. In between the hours, I ate 2 graham crackers because I just could not go without feeling like I would pass out. Do you think I should continue or stop because of the 4 graham crackers halves so that would equal up to one full graham cracker.

Andie says at Just keep going and try to stay as close to the outlined diet as possible chloe says at Andie says at Absolutely. Terry says at I have about 30 pounds to lose, right now i am at 150. I hit this diet on Friday and saturday night i really felt hungry but that is usually our pizza professional college essay writers. I had a difficult time fighting the hunger professional college essay writers that night…but i want results.

Sunday i got on scales and noticed i was down 5 pounds. Monday morning i was down another 3, so total of 8 for me without working out. So glad it worked for you. Annie says at Hi Andie, This is my 4 th time trying. I feel I am doing good each time, but some where I cheat. I did one last week. I lost 3 pounds between 1st and 2nd day. I am trying again today. It is very difficult as we cannot snack on anything. I did good so far. How do I overcome this. Andie says at Annie, Try upping your water intake or try calorie free flavored sparkling water…All these will help you feel fuller Annie says at Ashley says at I am on day 3 of the diet.

I have followed it to a Professional college essay writers and i jumped on the scale this morning and i was the same weight as when i started. I guess i will see what tomorrow morning says but so far i am frustrated with this diet. I have also been drinking alot of water in between. I havent felt hungry really which is good but i havent seen any pounds drop.

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