The foods on the menu work together and provide the proper chemical reactions in the body that will boost metabolism, provide energy, help with sugar swings and jump start the fat burning process. However, I'm bombarded with questions on substitutions everyday, and I felt wrjter I should comply to some of your requests and do a little research. For the record, "I still DO Wditer RECOMMEND substitutions.

I'm only providing this resource, based on research, for your convenience and due to the popular demand. If you choose to substitute, you do so at your writed risk. I understand that some must find an alternative due to health and medical reasons. I completely understand your dilemma, and it is for those people that I truly dedicate this section. Omitting a menu item because you do not like the taste is really not the best reason to skip it. Please do not complain that you have had less than expected results if you didn't try to follow the menu as close as possible.

However, please know that I'm here for each one of you and I wish all of you great success, whatever your choices. That's why I do what I do. It's all about the end result and our health after all, is it not. With that being said, I will fill you in on some of my research findings and we'll see how this goes. I encourage those who choose to substitute to post their results, both here, and on our Facebook page, and as to whether or not that you feel that substituting was a good choice.

This will help others along their journey that may wrlter the same questions. Use another piece of fruit in its place when you eat. I didn't know it would work. Profezsion diet was easy to follow but boy, the first day was tough. My body is still getting used to low calorie meals. Otherwise, the diet itself was easy to follow. There's wrjter fancy profession college essay writer and no foreign-sounding food. In fact, most of the food was already inside my pantry.

I did a substitution, though. I'm a lover colleg Greek yogurt and I'm so delighted that this can be incorporated esay the diet. Essqy think the low fat variety yogurt is great for all of us and you must all try it. This is week 2 day 2 for me, I'm excited to see the scales this week. Do the saltine crackers have to be salt less. I'm afraid I have blown this diet in the first day!!. Help with any answers orofession my questions!!.

I am on day 6, will weigh myself tomorrow profession college essay writer my stomach is no longer bloated, I add seasoning because on the site it now says you can use seasoning, wroter substitute tuna for any fish, its a struggle to keep it tasty but 3 days on, and portion control the 4 days off has me feeling great.

I also drink tea all day, not just for breakfast and lunch. Tracking my meals it says Colleg have been eating anywhere from 1000-1200 calories on my on days with an average of 6000 steps a day, 30 mins of exercise 3 times a week, and 900-1300 calories on my off days. This is a big improvement over my sedentary lifestyle and 3000 calories last month. I will keep at profession college essay writer until the new year and will post my results.

I will share the results later. I have also read that you don't even have to exercise but I guess that's a personal opinion, but anyways. A lot of people don't follow through because it is so strict and you are VERY LIMITED to what you can eat and I'm use to eating so many more calories in a day. I felt like I was starving the first day, but I have stuck through with it so far, I mean this is my last day of the 3 and I plan on starting it again after the 4 days.

I calculated it on my tracker and I barely ate over 1000 calories the 1st day, esway the second, and the 3rd day is only 740-some but ALOT of protein!. Professin good luck to all who are thinking about trying this out but remember this diet isn't for everyone and just have to have Will Power and determination!. I'm so bad at doing prepping in advance.

I wish I could just do profewsion genie blink profession college essay writer all the weight would melt right off. Wouldn't that be nice.

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