Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again if typeof window. I follow all the information from www. I am on day three of the military diet and I can't wait for tomorrow. I wouldn't suggest that anyone try this diet unless you have been cutting back and watching what you eat for a while before. It is very hard to go from eating whatever you want and how much you want to doing this three day"fast". I haven only felt full right after eating dinner. The rest of the time I am starving. I am drinking tons of water to try to help with the hunger.

I have found that chewing a piece of gum when I feel like I am about to pass out does help a little. On the bright side, I weighed 140 the day before I started and I weighed 130 this morning. I am going to try to persuasive essay writing service it again next week but I am not sure that I will make it all three days. I am persuasive essay writing service my workout tomorrow and will be limiting myself to about 1500 calories a day from here out to attempt to maintain. No sugar, very little carbs and even then only the good ones.

You don't need the book. This diet does work. The longer you do it, the more used to the first three days you get. At first that third day is brutal. The 4 days off I just watch my intake. Careful with the sugars cuz they make me crave. You will lose weight if persuasive essay writing service do this as it instructs with no cheating. My husband showed our doctor who we expected to be critical.

He was pleased and said it is a very good diet and he felt it would be good for us. About 10 lbs from my goal of 125. Would have lost more faster but we decided we are persuasive essay writing service gonna deprive ourselves if we are out to dinner with friends etc and so forth. And with thanksgiving and Christmas, we ate. Verified Purchase This is a nice little plan that helps get your eating habits under control so that you can begin a healthy weight loss program. It fits perfectly into weight watcher's smart points and meets their daily goal while taking just a few weekly points. I lost 3 lbs and was not very hungry at all.

I definitely splurged on veggies and on day 3 at dinner I had a social event I couldn't avoid - so cheated just a bit - still lost 3 lbs. I would do this again but don't believe it would be great for long term, sustainable weight loss. Overall, a good plan meant to help you get in control Thank you for your feedback. I mean you have to be ready to commit to anything if you want any change to happen.

It was all spelled out for me and I love the shopping list. I actually didn't feel hungry but I was also busy and running around. I always had my food with me so I didn't obsess about it. I knew what I was going to eat. I wound recommend this. I even keep some of the food plan when I am not on persuasive essay writing service.

All it does is make lame attempts at military references, and is really the length of a pamphlet. This brief, entertaining, and right-to-the-point book is packed with ALL one needs to know about the diet AND includes super simple directions, a shopping list, a day by day written plan, and even. THIS IS, without a doubt, the right program for ME. I just so happen to like all the foods, well, actually all except one but there is even a solution for that. The utter simplicity of what to do, and what not to do, makes this plan a no-brainer.

I commend the writer for the really great way this was put together.

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