Many individuals and medical professionals are critical of the diet. The amount of calories per day while on the diet is far lower than what is considered safe for long term consumption. In addition, the recipe for the soup as often given has an extremely high sodium content, usually to make it palatable, and the diet provides practically zero protein for several days at a time.

Many people report feeling weak and light-headed during the course of the diet. On persuasive essay writer practical level, the most common forms of the soup recipe have been criticized as being bland, though spicy variations have appeared. Even so, the blandness of the soup means that few manage the entire seven days, and often report feeling nauseated whenever they smell the soup toward the end of the week-long diet.

Persuasive essay writer has also been noted that flatulence is a common side effect of the diet. Chapter 10: Body Weight and Its Management. Essential Concepts for Healthy Living Sixth ed. Retrieved 24 July 2010. Retrieved Jun 5, 2013. Need help with back developmentHow much should I be eating. What was the greatest moment in your bodybuilding career. Hammer and Stone TrainingGuest Blog Post from Anne ReussA Lifelong Approach to Fitness Audio BookThe New DVD: Now What. It was my understanding that military people use this diet when they need persuasive essay writer get in shape quickly.

Yes, I tried the diet myself, and only was able to go for two days because of hypoglycemic symptoms. I lost 5 pounds in two days. Two of my friends went on it and both of them reported an 8 pound loss in 3 days. Please help your friends - those you know and those you may meet for the first time on this site - by sharing your experiences with this diet. Support each other, encourage each other, share tips or just chat by visiting the comment box below. I wish each of you success on this 3-day diet.

Happy dieting and have fun in the comments. Please, keep conversations friendly and pleasant for all of our readers. I have posted this hub for information purposes only. SALT AND PEPPER MAY BE USED, BUT DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SEASONING. DIET IS TO BE USED THREE DAYS AT A TIME. IN THREE DAYS, YOU SHOULD LOSE 10 POUNDS. AFTER THREE DAYS OF DIETING, YOU CAN EAT YOUR NORMAL FOODS, BUT DO NOT OVER DO IT. AFTER YOUR 4 DAYS OF NORMAL EATING, START BACK ON THE 3 DAY DIET.

YOU CAN LOSE UP TO 40 POUNDS IN A MONTH IF YOU STICK TO THIS DIET. IT IS A SAFE DIET. REMEMBER: DO NOT EAT BETWEEN MEALS. NOTE: COFFEE OR TEA THE FIRST TWO MEALS OF DAY ONE ONLY. WATER ONLY FROM THEN ON. Daniel John Just handing down what I was handed down. Edited by Dan John on 08-02-12 11:40 PM. Reason for edit: No reason given.

And tying it to that other thread, can it be done in a gas mask. The Army has a phenomenal weight loss program. It's called Ranger School. Of course, everybody who finishes it gains 40 pounds back within two months after. Has this woman really met someone in the military. This diet resembles nothing I ever ate in the Army. I cannot say that I ever encountered a grapefruit. As for cottage cheese, I'm sure there's a Standing Order against it.

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