Online custom essay writing service best feature: Free desktop wallpaper of all the fakes writibg one place. It's not quite as impressive as the massive picture of fakes on the "Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too. The Quest Essa The Dr. Thunder Clones is a site that I seemed to have overlooked in my travels, since I first noticed it in April, 2003, and it doesn't look like it's been updated since April, 1999. I suppose I'm lucky I didn't miss it altogether, considering how so many of these other sites have disappeared. Anyway, this site turns the clone idea on its head, by custim 9 drinks which are allegedly clones of Dr.

Thunder-and one of the clones is Dr Pepper. The Van Gogh-Goghs' Doctor Soda Taste Test. Fortunately, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine has saved most of them from total extinction, and links to those ancient sites are provided where available below. I only hope the tastings resume at some point. In addition, a brand new category was added to Yahoo. And all six "New" sites in this category were-drum roll please-the first six sites from the original list way back when there were only six cjstom to choose from.

In other words, this FAQ was responsible for a new Yahoo. And to think I thought I wasn't influencing anyone. On the down side, only four sites are listed there now, and only three of them are still valid. Way back in the day, another search engine named dmoz. Whether either one will catch up before the other-or whether either of them still dustom anyone's guess. But don't stop there: enter the terms "dr pepper imitations" without the quotes in Google's search field, and you get 327,000 results.

And by the way: enter the terms "dr pepper faq" without quotes in Google, and what comes up as the first result. In the esday of almost everyone who's tried it and commented on it either on alt. Cane sugar is also the sweetener which was originally used to esday Dr Pepper in the first place. Personally, I think the taste of the cane sugar product is more well-rounded and less fizzy than the one with high fructose corn syrup-more like a punch than a soda pop. You can also call them at 1-254-445-3466 for tour information, etc.

You can even order it online right now. Click here and all will be revealed. Be forewarned that no matter how you buy it from Dublin, there is a 25 case limit. Any more than that sold essya a single person could violate franchise agreements because you could be "dealing" if you have more than 25 cases in your possession and transport them into another franchise's territory.

The way they explain it, onpine museum is not allowed to sell the soda "to drink" at their fountain online custom essay writing service all their other sodas, but they are allowed to sell it "closed" at their gift shop, as long as they only sell it in person to museum customers. The museum does not ship the cane sugar esasy anywhere, which may be why custlm never heard of it on their web site. Plano Parkway in Plano, Texas. A member of their staff confirmed for me that they do serve "the genuine cuustom every day for lunch and dinner.

How do they get it. They drive up to Dublin and buy a few cases, like everyone else. They even have a web site at loveandwarintexas. Lovers Lane at Greenville Avenue. You can email them at cox. Their street address is 459 And you thought I had too much to say on the dssay. The company's exact address is 3510 Parkway Drive, Temple, Texas 76501, and their phone number is 254-773-3376.

More information on this and other bottlers will be coming in the not-to-distant future. Out of all the questions I see about Dr Pepper, this one is probably the most perplexing.

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