Only lost a few pounds. Next time I did it exactly and lost 10 lbs. Im still amazed it worked in 3 hslp. Sometimes, you start off slow, even when your faithfull then, after four weeks your metabolism kicks in to full gear and it starts pouring off. Did it with low fat diet and Atkins. Hey, three days, what do you have to lose. Stop whining and just do it. I like my coffee with cream, but for 3 DAYS I drink it black. I like to drink Crystal Light, but for 3 DAYS I stick to water. I'm not a fan of beets or green beans but for 3 DAYS I eat canned. If you really can't stomach beets, try carrots.

I lost 7 lbs the first 3 days. Does the weight come right back on. Not if you eat healthy and track your calories. I lost 2 more pounds on my 4 days off. You'll get better results. Just hold off on lifting weights until your 4 days off. I just finished day 3, week 2 and only lost essau. I use salt and pepper, drink black coffee all day, use Pam when I cook my meat and I use garlic salt and cayenne pepper on it. Everything else I eat plain. Use your head folks. The other 2 dinners do not contain grains. Eat them plain and shut up. At least you get to have ice cream every night.

No expensive supplements, powders or prepackaged foods. We've all tried them at some point and all we lose is our money. The diet industry wants your repeat business. Don't believe their claims. This diet is given to patients that need to lose weight quickly before they can undergo surgery. What does that tell you. If there was an easier and quicker way, doctors need help with essay be prescribing that instead.

Use the FREE MyFitnessPal app or website to monitor essayy 4 days off and not gain the weight back. I still have 48lbs to go and will keep going until I reach my need help with essay. The Holidays are upon us. What a great nee to do on Thanksgiving week. This diet has my diabetes under control but still 200 but i noticed that my clothes are getting looser, can someone explain this???. Today is my second day doing it and I still have not seen any change in my weight is that normal or when my supposed to see that change.

No you can't have any cream or whitener in tea or coffee or sugar or sweeteners. No buns with the hotdogs, whole grain breads best or even rye and it says in the fine print not to exchange the tuna with any chicken ad Turkey it says not to deviate at all. It's jelp an easy plan but if you are determined it's only 3 days. I have done this diet twice in 2 weeks. Second time I decided to have 16 ounces of warm water with the juice of 1 lemon in the morning thinking that would help jumpstart my metabolism.

The first time I only had the wieners. After I ate the hotdogs I felt so sleepy.

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