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By Watchdog Team Senior Reviewer Jul 13, 201616 user reviewsUsing a fat burner like Grenade to lose weight is a popular method of weightloss that often appeals to gym goers and fitness fans. Enhancing your fitness performance sounds good but can it come at the cost of your health. Whether you work out at the gym, are a bodybuilding fanatic or are simply looking for some support in order to lose a few pounds, a fat burner can seem appealing. Fat burners contain stimulants that increase the metabolism and the rate at which you burn off excess weight.

As an added extra, fat burners also reduce the appetite and perk up your energy levels. Grenade Thermo Detonator Fat Burner contains high levels of caffeine and green tea extract in doses that you will probably notice and will give you this speedy energy enhancing effect. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and can promote fat burning by thermogenesis as well as providing some real health benefits.

Grenade should have stopped at that point because more worryingly, Grenade Thermo Detonator Fat Burner contains bitter orange powder that is well known for side effects and has a proven effect of increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. This makes it unsuitable at first glance for people who may have health issues but has also been linked with causing strokes and heart attacks in people who are young, fit, and athletic. Bitter orange extract contains a chemical called synephrine, which is used as a replacement to ephedrine - a chemical that was once the mainstay of fat burning pills.

When ephedrine was made illegal in 2003 because of its proven links with causing heart monet essay help and strokes, the diet pill industry looked to synephrine as a replacement. Synephrine is not any safer although it is legal and causes many of the same health issues. See our Watchdog video about the dangers of monet essay help. To use Grenade Thermo Detonator Fat Burner, take 2 capsules on an empty stomach upon waking with water.

Take 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to lunch with water. To assess tolerance consume 1 capsule twice per day for the first 7 days. For an explosive workout, take 2 capsules prior to training. Grenade is a British company who are based in Coventry. It is run by husband and wife team Alan and Juliet Barrett who have just picked up an award at the Midlands Entrepreneur of the Year show.

Grenade is a rapidly expanding company who are reaching a global market. They are a British success story and very reputable. Grenade will not trick you into any scams such as auto billing. They sell a range of products including Black Ops - an fat burner which we covered in a previous review, as well as amino acids supplements such as Defend, Engage - a Creatine supplement and other various products including snack bars like Reload Protein Flapjacks and similar. A full 420mg of Bitter Orange - has been deployed.

Yes, it can pack a punch - and it sounds good if you put it like that. The truth is that a punch is not quite as sexy if it increases your risk of a stroke or heart attack. Grenade fat burner is a diet pill that may help increase the speed of your metabolism and help you burn off fat. You will probably notice the effects of Grenade Fat Burner. It contains high levels of stimulants that may see you bouncing off the walls when you first try it. The product information advises that you build up gradually to taking the full dose and therein lies one problem.

The body can quickly become accustomed to taking caffeine so you may find that this aspect of the energy monet essay help and weight loss wears off. However, this does monet essay help take away the fact that bitter orange extract and Phenylanine affects your adrenaline levels and puts your body into stress mode.

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