That being said, I largely agree with the article. I too doubt this diet speeds up your metabolism or there is anything unique about the foods. I would not do it again. I would, however, on occasion do a day where I sub the meal calorie counts with lean protein to keep myself on track after an indulgent two days etc.

Reply Hey Nick, Good to hear your thoughts. Our mission is to aware people for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Reply Its wrong about calories, you go into famin mode at 1200 long term. Women need a min of 2000 when sedate and 2500 for highly active women. Reply Melissa, thanks for sharing this info. Keep visiting for more updates. Reply I have lost 9 pounds my first week, then I pigged out over the weekend it was a memorial day weekend and we had a family feast and gained 2 pounds back.

I feel great and I can even work out. I realized how much my stomach shrunk, it must had been huge before. The amount of food that satisfies me medical school essays writing services would never satisfy me before. I love this diet. Reply Aneta, thanks for sharing your experience. Keep reading for more information. So, decided to practice it every month to be in good shape. Losing weight is more about how much you eat not necessarily what you eat.

Reply Reply Reply Reply Mary, glad you found this article helpful. Keep reading for more updates. Reply I just finished my 3 day diet and lost 9 pounds. It is by far the easiest medical school essays writing services I have done. I think just saying 3 days for a diet is so much easier then 7. Although you still need to eat healthy for the 4 off days. Im going to still use the 3 day diet plan for breakfast and lunch, then eat what I want for supper on days 4 and 5. Then go back on the 3 day diet plan. I will continue this for a while.

Give this diet a try, its only 3 days and what do you have to lose trying it anyways, just weight right. Reply Reply I am on day 3 of the military diet. I only lost 3lbs. I started out at 210. I am a52 year old female. Me and my gf did it together. She also only lost 3 pounds and she is way more active than I am she has a job that keeps her constantly walking. You just need to get involved in physical activities related to your age.

Everyone knows how important it is to exercise… and exactly so does the military diet recommend. For proper results, they urge you to exercise, and if work schedule doesnt permit more, walk for atleast half an hour a day. They encourage the use of caffiene ON SPECIFIC DAYS because 1 some people cant live medical school essays writing services it. This is a perfectly healthy diet, they give you 4 days off for the body to rest. Reply REENZ, thanks for sharing your opinion. I really appreciate it.

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