I will update with new results. I started this diet today. I normally don't eat very much and I limit carbs and sugars but I just hit a plateau and couldn't budge. I am starting at 181lbs this morning at 5'5" I'm muscular so I don't look nearly that heavy. My goal is to lose at least 5 lbs every week until I can get down to 150. I start to look way too skinny if I am less than that. Today wasn't too bad. Getting ready to have the first night dinner.

I have been using my treadmill every medical school essays writing service for the past two days as well. Off to mmedical good start. I am on my second day, its mid day and Writig am hungry and cant wait for my day 2 dinner. I am hoping I lose another 2-3 lbs. I did do 30-40min of cardio yesterday and plan to run a slow mile today. I will check back in Day 3 and achool you know. I am a little worried about the little meal wervice lunch tomorrow but I have to just trust the diet.

So im on day three i did some substitutions and iv had no weight loss at all. Did the substitutions cause me not to loose any weight. Also i have found conflicting info about grapefruit substitution. Mom Of 5 - Starting at 177lbs, 5'8, goal 145lbs. Wish me Luck I am 46 and will be 47 in November. I currently weigh 130lbs and Essayss 4'11. My frame is obviously small and suffering carrying around this extra fat. I know this diet works because I did it 3 years ago for about 3 weeks and went from 138 to 128lbs after doing this diet for 2weeks.

Inreally kept the weight off with a few fluctuations. The problem is that I look good in my clothes, but when I get undressed I don't like what I see. Physically, I can run, speed walk, jump rope, Hoola hoop, play tennis without distress. I know that I can feel even better and be even more active with these pounds off. I'm a nurse and know the problems that can come about from extra weight. I'm not tryi g to be rail thin I'm the 46 year old from above. I also wanted to say to those of you who find delight in saying mean wriing to sevrice, can you please just stop.

Do you really want to have a share in making other people miserable. Does it really make you feel good to say mean things to people. Inreally hope medival you are not parents because this is not the behavior to pass on to your kids. Writimg let's be nice to each other and pass that on eh. Make it a great medicall. I'm going to do this every week until I drop 20 lbs.

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