When the amount of energy in-take is more than the amount of energy burned, it results in obesity. For some people, obesity is because of their poor life style. Lack of physical activities can also lead to severe obesity. The genes and family history is another factor that can cause obesity. Certain medicines also can lead to obesity. In some people, lack mba essay writing service sleep can be the reason for obesity. Studies have proven that a person with fewer hours of sleep has a higher tendency of becoming obese. Therefore, it is very important that you find the exact reason for your obesity before starting the treatment.

One of the most common questions people ask is -Which is better, diet or exercise. Many studies have proven that if you maintain a good healthy diet, you can look like an athlete even without doing any exercise. In fact, most of the diet plans do not put emphasis on doing exercise for losing weight. Mba essay writing service whatever said, regular exercise has its own importance. If you wish to lead a long and healthy life, then regular exercise is a must.

Regular exercise is necessary for keeping your brain, heart, joints and bones healthy. A regular workout strengthens your muscles, improves your mood, and boosts energy levels. Regular exercise along with a healthy diet help you become fit and healthy along with reducing weight. If you are planning to start the Military Diet, doing some regular exercise in between will aid in the speeding up of the weight reduction process. Doing regular cardiovascular exercises keeps you fresh and free from diseases.

It consists of 3 meals a day. The military diet is actually divided into 2 phases over a seven day period. The first phase is the 3 day on-diet phase and the second phase is the 4 day off-diet phase. The intake of calories for the first day is 1400 calories, the second day is 1200 calories and the third day is 1100 calories. A military diet is restrictive and regimented. Military diet is designed in such a way that it includes low calorie and chemically compatible foods which react in a way to help in fat burning, increase the rate of metabolism and thus help to reduce your weight.

Most of the foods included in a military diet plan can be easily found in your kitchen. So, there is no need to spend extra money for this diet plan. Before starting the diet plan, you will be informed about all the food items that mba essay writing service be included in your diet so that you can prepare yourself for it. By following this diet correctly, you will start seeing visible results within a few days. Before you start with your military diet plan, you need to ensure that you have the will-power to succeed. Once you are confident about it, you can start the diet plan.

Make sure you have all prescribed foods readily available in your home. Each food item that is included in your 3 day diet plan is chosen carefully by taking into account the amount of calories they carry. The food items included in your diet contains proteins, carbs and fats. These food items help to kick start your fat burning process and aid in reducing a few pounds within a short interval of time. The diet emphasizes on drinking as much of water as you can. Drinking lots of water helps in flushing out the toxins from your body. Water contains no calories.

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