Let the fold of skin go and it should snap back. If it doesn't, you may be dehydrated. Other tests for dehydration are to look at the color of your urine, it should be almost clear and without smell except the first urine in the morning. Also, eervices mucous membranes inside your mouth should be moist, not dry and cracked. If ever, there is any question about dehydration, go see your doctor. Your mother is increasing the levels of triglycerides and probably cholesterol in her blood because these fats provide fuel when glucose is in limited supply.

Also, your liver releases increased amounts of cholesterol during periods of stress and a quick weight loss diet is definitely stressing your srvices. Show your mother this column and encourage her to see a Dietitian for an appropriate diet. She should also consult her doctor regarding the appropriateness of a weight reduction diet considering her current health. One last thought, a person called doctor might have their Ph. Check a person's credentials before trusting them with your nutritional health.

What do you think about the Herbalife Slim and Trim weight control program. It claims to do a lot of things and I don't believe most of what they serrvices. But mba essay services india is someone who isn't a nutritionist to know. I've sent you a copy to see what you think. I've read the brochure and sheet about Herbalife products. They contain numerous erroneous statements about nutrition and how your body uses nutrients. In this space I will only address some of the fallacies.

Statements such as Formula No 1: Protein food "is scientifically formulated to satisfy your hunger and help reduce nervousness and irritability, which often comes when restricting food intake. It burns fat and builds muscle. The building occurs during periods of growth, weight lifting or isometric exercises to build muscle size. Protein does not burn fat. In healthy adults, the Recommended Dietary Allowance RDA for protein 50 grams for adult females, 63 grams for adult males is necessary to repair tissue and muscle.

Protein takes about four hours to digest and absorb and will satisfy hunger by providing calories, but it does not reduce nervous irritability. In indiaa, a diet high in protein is nauseating. That is why your appetite becomes less while on a high protein diet. The idea that protein burns fat is simply not true. In starvation diets of less than 600 calories, your mba essay services india will start breaking down muscle along with mobilizing some stored fat. Your body will use protein to repair only if there are sufficient calories available for fuel.

Also, any jndia consumed protein will be stored as fat. Your body stores very little protein other than that found in muscle mba essay services india organs. The next claim is the Formula No 2 Herbs "curb the appetite and cleanse the body of toxins. It is the buildup of toxins that invites disease. Herbs do enhance the flavor of food. Your liver cleanses your body of toxins, alcohol is a toxin. To suggest that herbs will rid your body of toxins that invite disease is totally unfounded.

It further suggests that this herb formula will prevent disease. Research has substantiated that a good diet, adequate sleep, no smoking and no alcohol are more healthful. Another erroneous statement is that Formula No 4 Oil "contains essential fatty acids that our bodies mba essay services india in order esssay assimilate protein. They keep the skin tight while losing weight and maintains your energy level throughout the day. You only need about five grams 1 tsp.

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