Wish there was a substitute for it. I lost 6 pounds on the first three days of this diet. I was soooo excited. Thank you very much for spreading sercices word about this. I'm on my second week. I decided to do it Monday - Wednesday. I'm so glad I found this!!. I just completed the 3 day diet and I servicex happy to report that I did lose 5 pounds!!. I knew I wasn't going to lose 10 because I am only about 20 pounds overweight but I am pleased with the results mba admission essay services I will be doing this diet again in 4 days. I have to say the first day of this diet was the hardest for me because mid-day I started to get a headache that would not go away.

Also I felt light headed. I told myself if Admisskon still feel like this the next day I'm not going to continue. Day 2 woke up with no headache, just hungry but once I ate breakfast I felt fine and day 3 I thought would be really tough but not at all. I think the first day I must have been going through some kind of detox or withdrawals. Anyway, I know individual results vary but it is only 3 days of your life to see if it will work for you too.

I had some major caffeine withdrawal on day 2. I did this diet. I felt deprived and like I was starving myself. Eating less than 1,000 calories some days. It helped me to start loosing,I now have added small things ,But making a better shopping list. Have lost a total of 23. I am so Esssay. May be the sugar in the vanilla ice cream and cottage cheese,the salt in the hot dog and cheddar cheese. I eat very mba admission essay services to begin with prior and think this is literally just a starvation diet.

Glad it was free - but it hurts :- Just out in 2 extra days of exercise and eat smart and get the same or better result - its pain, just in a different way. While shopping for the necessary foods I switched out most of the meat for lunch meat, which another website listed as an effective substitute. I want to get started tomorrow, and I'm not sure if it'll work. I started this diet on a Monday. I weighed myself on the 4th day servkces had lost 4lbs. Even after my 4 days off diet, Afmission did not gain any weight. I just started a new week.

I hope to lose 25lbs in a months time. I stared the diet on A Saturday and by Tuesday when I weighed I had lost 4 pounds. I was very happy about that so I decided that I would stick to it another week but eat the foods that are on the list. I hope in another 4 days I have lost another pound or two. I will give it a rest for a few days then resume.

Easy to follow, love the ice cream-you can do it. Hardest part for me is no caffeine for 2 days. I had a headache and felt very sluggish and weak on day 3. Make sure to drink a lot of water, you can have your coffee on day 4. I'm going to track everything I eat for the next 4 days, then do it again.

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