I've been on keto for two ewsay now and i feel better than Mgic have in a long time. It has noticeably improved my quality of life. According to doctors most diseases are incurable and of unknown cause. I call BS on sesay. I am living proof of of reversal of arteriosclerosis via changing what I eat. It's esssay just about losing weight its about eating whats best for our health which is deteriorating because of our diet and environment. Let food be your medicine. I find that astounding. Doctors and dieticians should be beating down your door and you should be subjected to at least a case study in wrirer medical journals.

Tell your cardiovascular specialist to get writing. I'm interested at least. It's the sugars and trans fats and excessive carbs in the diet that are usually the issue. Good fats can actually help. As demonstrated by someone addressing their diabetes through the program thru the guidance of Dr Zeeshan Arian. Good fats have vitamin A that are crucial in the developmental years of children. Type 1 is a whole other kettle of fish as you know.

When Magic essay writer worked in health promotion we did a lot of damage by putting Aboriginal people magic essay writer type II diabetes on low fat diets, as was the advice then. The result is they got fatter and sicker. The move away from natural diets two high sugar high carb low fat diets did no-one a favour. I hope you can see the aim of losing a few kilos is a valid magoc, given that magic essay writer some groups of people, asian and aboriginal, they get diabetes type II at a lower BMI than that us white folk.

I hope magic essay writer one day they will find a cure for type I - and I praise you for doing the job you need to do it is hard. I do not believe the ABC is recommending it for children or adults mayic diabetes or any other severe illness any person may have. I did not have a severe reaction on beginning it then or since. Esday have since mayic a condition fibromyalgia but retain this way of eating and the GP has remained happy with my way of eating as she knows it did not give me the condition.

The condition runs though my mothers side of the family. I commenced write medication which has made me gain weight, too much but the pharmacist asked did I want the chronic severe exsay over being really thin again. So I eat vegetables, a little fruit, recommended ones meat, fish, chicken, eggs. It was a slow weigh loss over a year and once I attained my weight and did not want magic essay writer become gaunt and skinny.

I did not try the quite severe method of the Dr. Atkins book but one written by the Dr Eadie and his wife. A little more gentle maybe. No one else in the family used this diet but still have my condition so the diet did not start it off. One should talk it over with their GP first and have the necessary tests yearly or earlier if they feel something is wrong with them.

Please do not be offended at the ABC. It has had much research over the years. It is definitely not suitable for children unless under a Doctor's orders. I am a retired Registered Clinical Nurse who was a Midwife then went to community and child health and would never tell them I was using this eating plan. My desire is for all children to be well and healthy and I understand the pain of parents having a child with a serious condition.

I came across too many children with lifelong and threatening conditions. My children were born healthy and had severe asthma when they were young and I was continually stressed even with a nursing magi watching them constanttly ill as writee and fortunately they have grown out of the worst of it.

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