I'm not used to eating that much ice cream with that much sugar. When I woke up the next day, I felt slightly dizzy. I don't know if it's because I didn't sleep well or because of the ice cream again. There are days when I don't sleep well but don't feel dizzy. DAY TWO: My weight at 5:30 AM: 55. I didn't go to the gym. I slept well the night of Day Two despite having vanilla ice cream.

The great thing about having ice cream after dinner is that it made the diet feel like a treat. DAY THREE: My weight at 5:30 AM: 55. I suppose it's because lunch was minimal and the gap between lunch and dinner is large. Some would say, it's better than none but I found this diet challenging for the following reasons. Although it's simple and easy to do since the ingredients are easy to find at the grocery and there's minimal preparation involved, it's hard to stick with it because it's boring and bland.

You lose a lot of weight after 14 days on their South Beach diet meals, which are so delicious. They deliver your meals to your home or office. I've done this diet plan so I can say that their South Beach diet works. I'm hungry most of the time. I'm used to eating something every 4 hours because I'm hungry every 4 hours. This diet doesn't allow snacks in between so it became difficult waiting for the next meal to come.

This plan may work for people who actually eat huge meals that is high in sugar, who do not eat healthy, or those who need to lose a lot of weight. The military diet will be a drastic change from their usual dietary habits. And having a lot of weight to lose at the start of the diet may mean it will be easier to lose 10 pounds. The amount of weight loss in a diet plan has something to do with percentage of body weight when you started.

So 10 pounds may mean different percentage of body weight for different people. I noted my personal circumstance at the start of this post so people in the same physical condition, age, gender as I and with the same habits may note that this diet plan may not work for you. Labels: Diet plan, Fitness It is knowledgeable writing and thanks from the mind. February 14, 2016 THE MILITARY DIET: Does It Work.

MY FEEDBACK ABOUT DAY ONE: I didn't sleep well the night of Day One. Labels: Diet plan, Fitness 1 comments: Sonakshi Patel said. It is knowledgeable writing and thanks from the mind. Since my husband and I usually travel with our kids, I discovered many things that are helpful in making the trip more enjoyable and less stressful for everyone. I'd like to share with you all that I have learned so you can enjoy traveling with your kids as much as I enjoy traveling with mine.

My husband and I take herbalife it's all natural products you can even substitute a meal looking for a student to write my paper a protein shake we do lunch or breakfast. But like I said if you just eat healthy right sized portions that's the best thing you can looking for a student to write my paper. If you are breastfeeding your supply would probably tank. Not enough food to sustain you or your supply. Huge advocate for the 21 day fix modified for bf mommas!.

Yep and it was hard. You don't have a lot of energy and with two kids I felt ill in the third day. That is so unhealthy. Most everyone's issue is portioning their food correctly.

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