As a precaution, the Defense Department has removed all products containing DMAA from stores on military bases, including more than 100 GNC shops, pending the completion of an Army safety review, said Peter Graves, an Army spokesman. The company said it stood by the safety of its products and was fully cooperating with the inquiry by the Defense Department. The company and retailers say that DMAA is a dietary supplement. But some medical experts said it should be classified as a drug, which would require approval from the Food and Drug Administration before it could be marketed.

Tamara Writin, a spokeswoman for the Some sports organizations including the World Anti-Doping Law essay writing service, the international body that regulates drug use by Olympic athletes, and several professional sports leagues have listed DMAA as a banned stimulant. In Canada, where the government health agency has classified DMAA as a drug, companies cannot sell products containing it as a dietary supplement. He added that the Army had also received some reports of liver and kidney failure, seizures, loss of consciousness and rapid heartbeat in other military personnel who have used products containing DMAA.

Graves said the Army was evaluating whether there were links between the use of the DMAA products and the reported health problems. DMAA, she wrote in the statement, servjce a naturally occurring compound found in an Asian geranium and has been used as food for more than a century. DMAA is a stimulant similar to amphetamine, said Edward Wyszumiala, the general manager of dietary supplement programs at NSF International, a nonprofit organization that tests supplements for the National Football League and other professional sports groups to rule out performance-enhancing substances.

He added that Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical seervice, originally developed DMAA in the 1940s as a nasal decongestant formula called Forthane. Although Eli Lilly later wroting marketing Forthane, medical literature in the 1950s warned doctors that DMAA was more potent in animals than ephedrine, an amphetamine-like stimulant, said Dr.

Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School who has studied tainted dietary supplements. Cohen, also an internist at wirting Cambridge Health Alliance. Cohen added that he was concerned about the results of a recent study of OxyElite Pro that reported the kinds of responses in users - like cold sweats and increased blood pressure - that might foreshadow serious heart problems. Toloczko, the spokeswoman for USPlabs, said DMAA met the legal definition of serviice dietary supplement, denying that it was a drug.

Even so, several prominent professional sports and supplement industry experts said that companies marketing DMAA as a dietary supplement are exploiting lax regulations and potentially putting consumers at risk. Under United States law, dietary supplements are defined as products containing only supplemental dietary ingredients, like vitamins or minerals, and srrvice not need Last law essay writing service, a 22-year-old soldier collapsed at an Army base in the Southwest during a training run with his unit.

Last fall, a 32-year-old soldier at the same base also collapsed after taking a physical fitness test. Tygart said the issues raised by DMAA reminded him of the case of ephedra, another stimulant. Bechler, a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, who had used the substance. USPlabs is run by Jacobo In 2003before he started USPlabs, Mr. Geissler was criminally charged in Texas with buying illegal steroids, according to court records.

He pleaded no contest and served a term of community service. Last summer, the United States Anti-Doping Agency issued a warning notice about DMAA to athletes, but Mr. Tygart said he worried about ordinary consumers. A version of this article appears in print on Law essay writing service 3, 2012, on page B1 of the New York edition with the headline: Army Studies Workout Supplements After Deaths. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser.

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Navy wanted to boost sailors' night vision so they could spot infrared signal lights. While this legendary tale may sound far-fetched, a crowd-funded group of scientists has recreated this experiment and claims to have had successful results. After several weeks, volunteers using an electroretinogram ERG noticed spikes in their vision to 950 nanometres nm. This is the protein complex that grants near infrared NIR vision to freshwater sergice - and so, they say, can give humans completely natural infrared vision.

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