I just performed it today and started doing some research on it afterwards. I know… a little backwards haha. Anyway, it so happened that I followed the steps on this site exactly. I feel more energized than I usually do with a nap alone or with coffee alone. I did notice my body shivering while I was taking a nap…even now. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Sleeping whilst i need help writing an essay - here's what you need to know FeaturesSee allDispelling the myths about co-sleeping and bed-sharingDo natural sleep aids really work. More from this category Could these foods cure your insomnia. New OK Go video is. Dad pleads not guilty to.

Be honest with your kids. Baylor College of Medicine researchers are. Baylor College of Medicine researchers are now examininng how other lifestyle factors may affect your health. Using mice, the scientists show that repeated jet lag increases both obesity related liver disease and the risk of liver cancer. The study appears November 23 in Cancer Cell. When we constantly travel through different time zones, work night shifts, or push ourselves to stay awake at the regular sleep time, our central clock is being chronically disrupted. This disruption also extends to clocks in other tissues that are controlled by the central clock.

By changing the times the lights went on and off during the night each week, the researchers modeled the effects of chronic jet lag in normal mice who were fed a healthy diet. They found that the mice gained weight and fat, and developed fatty liver disease, which progressed to chronic inflammation and eventually liver cancer in some casesThe jetlagged mice lost normal control of liver metabolism. This included not only the buildup of fat, but also increased production of bile acids, which are produced by the liver to help us digest our food.

Earlier i need help writing an essay have linked high bile acid levels to liver cancer, not only in mice but also in humans. The researchers found that circadian clock disruption activated two nuclear receptors that help regulate liver bile acid metabolism. Jetlagged mice lacking a receptor called FXR, which keeps bile acid level in the liver within a normal physiological range, had higher bile acid levels and much more liver cancer.

Mice lacking a receptor called CAR that regulates bile acid breakdown and is also known to promote liver cancer, did not get any liver tumors. In humans, these receptors work in a similar manner. The Baylor College of Medicine scientists didn't directly study jetlag in humans. But there is evidence that sleep disruption increases both fatty liver disease and liver cancer risk in humans, and they hypothesize that lifestyle changes that generate chronic jet lag can also disrupt the body's internal homeostasis and increase liver cancer risk in humans.

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