My boyfriend seemed skeptical on some of the food choices-he didn't really like cottage cheese, or grapefruit. We decided to not use any substitutions, and do the diet by the book. Lunch: tuna on toast. Dinner: We steamed green beans and baked the chicken with lemon pepper. BreakfastI felt fulfilled and not super hungry for about an hour afterward.

Then I started looking at the clock, waiting for lunch. Day Two Breakfast: Hard-boiled egg on toast. Lunch: Hard-boiled egg with cottage cheese and saltines. Dinner: Hot dogs with broccoli and banana. We couldn't have made it through these three days without black coffee. The boyfriend had lost significant steam today. By the time I woke up, he had come back from the gym and was feeling lightheaded. Breakfast was simple, but still resembled somewhat of a normal breakfast.

I find myself staring at the clock often, anticipating the next meal. During these days, we were eating breakfast around 7 or 8 am, lunch at noon, and dinner around 5:30. Somewhere between lunch at dinner, the hunger went away for the time being. This didn't happen to i need help writing an essay though. At 6:16, when I came back from sunbathing, he looked irritated and miserable. I quickly steamed the veggies for our hot dog dinner. The hot dogs were the only thing on this that boyfriend got excited about. End Results and Tips. We're going to go back to our regular diet of mostly chicken breast and salad, so I don't expect to gain much back.

I love this plan. I lost 6 pounds. I had already lost 25 pounds in the past 3 months so this 6 was a bonus!!. I will do this weekly until 15 more pounds is off: i did this and only lost 4 pounds but i didnt drink all the water for me it was supposed to be 10 glasses, i only had like 4I did this diet but only lost 3 pounds. Didn't feel hungry actually felt well fed.

Like you said, not sure how much military is in this and the haters are in full force nagging on anyone who calls it 'military' diet but call it what you want, it fed me and I lost some weight. I think its great for a quick fix if you intend to fit into that dress this weekend or want to really kickstart a major eating change. One tip is to definitely follow it verbatim NO CHEATINGStarted the military diet today. Enjoyed the dinner more. I must admit I am a bit skeptical but I'm committed to carry on for the full 3 days. Hope I get good results. After trying literally everything, the 3 week diet, gave me the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Over The Course Of 4 months I have packed On Over 25lbs of muscle mass. I've now got the body I've always dreamed of and best of all, I'm now getting a lot more attention from the opposite sex. I highly recommend it to anyone. It inspired me to go on it and I did. I followed it exactly as written, drank the water, and exercised. I did feel very hungry between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner on day 2 and between lunch and dinner in day 3, but overall enjoyed it. I was hoping for at least a 3 pound loss when I weighed in on day 4.

I lost not even a tenth of a pound. I completed this 3 day diet plan a few years ago, it does work.

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