Sorry for the meat bit I think my mother thought the war was still on during the fifties. Me and my brother had a blackout up at the bedroom window every night for i need help writing a essay to make us go to sleep. It was like living in a coal mine. If not, what makes you think you have the right to tell other people what to do. LikeLikeI am not telling anyone what to do- I am carrying out my own social experiment for me and YES I currently follow a vegan diet and that is my own choice. I can decide when to follow it and when not to same as you make choices with your own diet… thanksLikeLikeAre you a troll Coby.

Not much meat was available. Trust me, if the folks back then could get their hands on some animal protein, they grabbed it up. Is your ickle life that …ickle?. LikeLikeI have a few questions. Does that sound about right. Also would you know the amount of extra serving the dry milk rations would give or the weight of the milk package. I love your site and bless you for adding American measurements to the recipes.

Its apparently the hardest question to google. Also I intend to make contact with the Vegan Society and hopefully be able to ask questions and receive answers with regards to how vegans ate during the 1940s…I know vegetarians were given an extra cheese ration instead of meat but what concessions for the vegan. Best of luck to you. LikeLikehi carolyn, what do you do for exercise. All in all I try and walk 30 i need help writing a essay of brisk walking 4 or 5 days per week. Am going to start a little weight training at home with weights to start trying to tone up a little soon but am in no rush.

Just the sheer pleasure of being able to walk comfortably provides all the motivation I need as seriously, it was a painful struggle to even walk a couple circuits of the track 400 m when I first started walking and was 50 lb heavier. It was on in the UK but I think PBS syndicated it for the states is there a Canadian equivalent. Anyway there are a few good extracts from it lurking around on YouTube…really interesting and enlightening insight into life on the Home Front during the war…LikeLikeI was thinking the same thing.

I caught that series on PBS in So. PBS had a number of shows like that, the Pioneer House, the Pilgrims Life, etc. LikeLikeJust found your web site - it is fantastic - I was not born untill after the war but my parents and grandparents told me lots about it - especially the rationing - my grandmother used to show and do recipes with me and so I have grown up to do them as well - I prefer older recipes than newer ones - I have done eggless cakes and suet pastry with mashed potato - thank you for your web site - I will be visiting quite a lot for any new up datesLikeLikeGet out.

You live in Nova Scotia. What a beautiful place. Will look for those cookbooks you mentioned. This is great, thanks for sharing. I have to say members of my mothers family never went without, as is evident from photographs. I think they ate very well. LikeLikeI am about to undertake the same type of experience for at least a month just to get a…taste pun not actually intended for what the civilians had to go through during the Second World War. Please feel free to email me i need help writing a essay further tips you have to help me along at lnccplclark gmail. LikeLikeThe Supersizers Go…WWII is another peek into what people went through with rationing.

That is where I first got inspired to try this diet. They take a cheeky approach but still very informative. I remember seeing the PBS program years ago but they showed the all around struggles the British faced during the war.

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