Whichever meat you decide, keep your portions moderate. Many seafoods, such as white fish and shell fish will qualify as lean meat and also provide good essential fats. Some fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids which help protect your body against diseases. Not all fats are bad. And then there are bad fats that only clog your arteries, make you fat, and increase your risk to heart disease, cancer, etc. Many fat-free foods are high in sugar, bad i need help writing a compare and contrast essay, or have too many calories.

Fats help you feel full, so avoiding fat could make you over-eat and gain weight anyway. The key is eating more good fats and less bad fats. You can avoid animal fats by trimming any fat you see around the meat. Eat good fats from nuts like cashews and almonds avoid peanuts. Cook with olive oil or canola oil instead of coconut oil or butter. You might have already consumed enough fats from your carb and protein diet.

Nevertheless, micronutrients are still essential for good health. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for proper functioning in all parts of your body from bone growth to brain function to producing red blood cells. Getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet is pretty easy. A balanced diet including nuts, whole grains, colorful fruits and vegetable will offer plenty of vitamins and minerals.

The more colorful your diet, the better. You only need a little, but any deficiency would lead to serious health problems. Fiber is a carbohydrate found in whole grains, nuts, wheat bran, vegetables, oats, citrus fruits, apples, barley, beans, etc. Fiber is great for weight control because it slows down the movement of food through your intestines.

This slows down your food absorption, keeping you full and allowing you to last longer with less food. A supplement is a pill you take to remedy a deficiency in your diet. In this day and age, supplements are sold under the illusion that they give you some magical performance boost you could. As long as you are eating correctly, you will need little or no supplements at all. Eating whole and natural foods is the best way to go.

Improve your diet…not your supplements. A well balanced diet will cover just about everything else. I actually noticed more of a difference eating the necessary foods than just taking a pill. Research has shown that it is better to consume vitamins through food than through pills. An energy drink is definitely NOT OK. What about performance booster supplements like creatine. Does the supplement claim to help you grow more muscle or perform at a higher level. Find out what the active ingredient is.

Does your body already naturally create this chemical. If not, then why should you be adding something foreign to your body. Creatine causes your body to retain water weight which makes you bigger and helps your performance because their is more water to transport nutrients throughout your body.

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